Guaranteed Money System – What Can It Guarantee For You?

Every day our rapidly changing world offers us new opportunities. Lots of people earn for a living just from home without the need to go to work to the office day by day. This situation could hardly be imagined even 5 years ago. However, now we have such possibility. It does not mean that working from home is easy, in some sense, it is comfortable, but it is not all about that you do not have to place efforts to earn money while sitting on your chair in front of the computer at home. Unfortunately, some people look for easy money without doing anything and even thinking. Of course, demand determines supply – the supply of the offers where the one promises hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars for free. Just get registered to the site or application and you are promised to become rich in the next 24 hours as a minimum. We call such offers as SCAM and consequently, the people, who give such promises, are scammers. You can find such one eye-catching example at Let us have a look together.


Sexy Scammers or Real Reliable Businessmen (Businesswomen)?

Yes, you can believe your eyes while seeing the word “sexy” in the overview of the site, which advertises online trading and investments. At least, I have thought that this site provides financial services or something like that because it is logical to put the name of “Guaranteed Money System” to the application helping to deal at the stock exchange online. Anyway, I was mistaken.



When the site opens its front page, you are welcomed with the video at the left and the statement at the right saying that there are “only 7 new spots available” in the system and this proposal will expire in 30 minutes. Leaping ahead, I have to say that I have checked this site for several days and all the time the provided information regarding newly available spots was the same. Just for your information…

Now let us be back to the video. At the preview, there is a pretty office girl in a smart suit smiling at you and you see the heading saying that “this is your free invite to the unique software”.



When I played the video, first I thought that anyhow I had opened the wrong site since at some kind of pool there was a girl in a very open swimsuit with… Mmm… Big boobs… If you do not believe and do not want to visit this site by yourself, just check the screenshot of the site below.



In addition, one more interesting thing – this video lasts for 30 minutes… I suppose the site creators are men and think that usually, men visit such sites in pursuit of earnings and they will obviously listen to such a girl for 30 minutes and will give their money to the application because after 30 minutes of watching her your brains stop working. I do not have any other explanation why one has decided to put such an advertiser to the front page of the site, which proposes to earn money. Usually, men spend money on such girls, not earn…

As for me, I had to start listening twice, since for the first time my mind refused to remember. So what does she promise? 5,000 dollars of pure profit in the next 24 hours and at least 1.3 million dollars in the next 30 days and all of this is 100% guaranteed. And, of course, it will not cost anything… Miracle!



In the following minutes of the video, we learn that the name of the girl is Angela Stevens (she pretends that we have heard her name earlier, but Google Search does not provide me with any of her pictures). Then we move to the drawing room where we meet the attorney of so-called Angela Stevens, he has come with the document which is called “500,000$ Guarantee for Guaranteed Money System” and its copy is placed on the site as well. According to this so-called document if a user of the Guaranteed Money System fails to earn $5,000 in the next 24 hours and $1.3 million in the next 30 days, “then Angela Stevens is legally ordered to pay the sum of $500,000 in cash via wire transfer”. But still, there is no any legal information regarding the person’s identification (simply we do not know for sure whether Angela Stevens is a real person or not). One more thing is a discrepancy between the name of the legal firm (Goldberg) and the attorney’s surname (Goldburg) since he pretends to be the owner, but the name of the company is spelt incorrectly. It sounds strange, isn’t it?

Would you still like to continue? Well, when I paused the video sometimes, I received a registration form at the screen offering me to get free access immediately and it would be 100% free for me. However, what will I see and hear later on?

Just listen to our hero at the 28th minute of the video – all you have to do is a small deposit in the amount of 250 dollars. What a surprise! What happened to a free access?

While watching the video we are introduced to two users of the Guaranteed Money System who are so thankful to Angela Stevens. Below on the web page, we see two more videos of another user, who have also earned thousands of dollars and are thankful for… Bobby! It sounds like a joke, but Angela Stevens has turned into Bobby. Sure, it might be her nickname, but we have not had any evidence of this before in the previous video.

At the bottom of the page, we find the disclaimer. One of its provisions says, “Please click here to read a full risk warning”. And, of course, the hyperlink does not work. You even cannot read the disclaimer until the end since it is overlaid with a registration form.

If other SCAM companies say at their sites that they have financial databases or use techniques the world’s banks do, here at you will not find anything like this. It seems this system if it really exists, generates money from the air (and your deposit in the amount of 250 dollars). Otherwise, I cannot explain the promises given on the site.


Our Recommendation: Work With Serious Companies

If you read this review until the end, you might have understood how it is important to find a reliable agent (who will be real, first of all) at the market of online trading. Only, in this case, you will be able to get a real profit.



I suppose you would like to have a look at Signals Trade, which is, for sure, not a SCAM and is trustworthy. This platform responds to all the requirements of online trading. What is more important, it is a legal trading system, which is transparent to its every user. By utilizing Signals Trades, you will your investments to the fullest extent. Put the verified platforms to good use, earn money and get real profit!


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