Infinitech Trading – Shouldn’t Work with…

When you start trading you can face a lot of problems. The main challenge is reliability of the broker you invest with. Apart from the risks that accompany the trading way you will have to screen all of the brokers whether they are not scams.

Infinitech Trading – How Does It Work?

If you had chosen Infinitech Trading – binary options trading platform to work with – this article is for you. Our work is to check various trading platform for cheating. Very often such companies try to make money in this field because it’s the easiest path for frauds. There are many beginners and they are best for cheating. However, recently, cases, where even experienced traders are deceived, have become more frequent.

The idea is pretty simple. Scams found a trading broker, take cash from unsuspecting people and disappear. And there is no way to stop them because they have no license and are not regulated by any financial authority.

Some Facts about Frauds

Infinitech Trading is located in New York. It was established in 2017. They have offices in Asia and Latin America. It is the company that focuses on the financial market. They offer Forex, Stocks and Binary Options. Their main proposal is the robot and other software to automate the trading sphere. Also, they offer profitable signals for simple Forex trading with high returns.

As they claim on their official webpage they specialize in improved trading solutions even for beginners. You can also find instructional material on their site for successful trading.

Above-mentioned Infinitech Technical Analysis System is the analysing robot for the Forex market. It checks the behaviour of the financial market and thus predicts exchange rates and slightest hesitation.

It claims that this system has protection against huge money losses so it helps to prevent this.

Regulation Issues

But the main thing that we are chasing is the company regulation. As Infinitech Trading operates in the United States it should be regulated by American financial regulations, for instance, SEC or FINRA. We couldn’t find any information about the authorities that control them.

This is the main reason not to invest with them. The absence of regulation authority practically always means that they want to make money on gullible people wishing to profit and disappear forever along with money. They are scams and it’s just a matter of time when they will demonstrate themselves as scams.

The warning on the official FCA website has recently appeared. It claims that one shouldn’t trade with them because they are engaged in the incomprehensible activity.

Overall Conclusion

We also, like FCA, advise you not to trade with them, because, eventually, it will be just a loss of your money and time. It’s better to find the fillable and secure broker and to succeed with it without risks of facing scams.

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