Investors Center – a Center of Prospective and Real Billionaires or Just a Scam Center?

At the present time, more and more people prefer to work from home. In very deed, it is more attractive, especially if you really earn. A word-of-mouth marketing does its bit and we hear a lot of stories when some people make a fortune while trading on stock exchanges and investing their money into valuable securities and cryptocurrencies. One can find lots of advertisement on TV and even over the radio. There is no use to say that it is almost impossible not to come across such advertisement while floating around the Internet, particularly if you have already made a Google search before, thanks to Google Ads.
Naturally, Google cannot check all the clients who use their system to give advertisements; all in all, they also make money. Therefore, it is only you who should be careful while believing all promises you see in the advertising. By the way, even scam sites put Terms and Conditions, as well as Disclaimer, to their pages where they say that they do not bear any responsibility for the consequences which you will get while using their platforms. So, just be all eyes not to lose your money, though you are going to earn some.

Exploring the World of Scammers

Whenever I run into sonorous names of the sites and platforms, which offer prospects of earning fortunes to you, doubts are born in my head. This time the same thing has happened. Just have a look to the name of the site – “Investors Center” at So let us sort out what kind of “investors” are found on this website and use this application.

At the upper right corner of the page, we see a registration form where you can be registered to the site and the application, but we will be back to this part later. As a first step, let us take a closer look at the site itself.
Here we find big promises for the beginners of online trading. The guys, who created this site, apparently know that those, who are familiar with the details of the trading market and are aware of how it works, will not use such sites. So, the target audience is the beginners, as it is always possible to tell them that they will be taught to use the techniques the world’s top investment banks use (still there are no names of such banks), but, in case these newcomers lose their money, to offer some expressions of regret, “Hey, it is normal, you did not know where to start, we showed you. You might have lost, but it’s OK, you are the beginner and just learning the rules of the market”.
Thereby, be ready “to earn thousands from home”, but do not be surprised if they appear to be thousands of zeroes.
Below at the site, we see some advantages, which you will take of the site. First of all, as it was mentioned before, you do not need any experience. By using this site, you will have an access to a prime guidance “from A-Z and conquer the world of trading in no-time with the superior courses” provided. Have you ever heard about any conquerors of the world, even the world of trading, who succeeded it in no-time? I haven’t. To be successful at any business a person has to spend time in order to learn something, to practice, to share experience etc. And all these things, especially earning money, whether you want it or not, need time. I am sorry for this truth.
The second promise is that the Investors Center will provide you with an expert who will “teach you the ropes”. The trading market is such a thing that when lots of people use the same techniques they stop working and you have to find something new. OK, still possible, but there is a question, “Who pays for the time and knowledge of such experts?” Since everyone knows that the services of a financial advisor or broker are not cheap and still the registration on the site is free as they say… So, be ready to pay later with your hard-earned money, which you will invest in this site.
The third promise about flexible hours sounds rather rational since our dynamic world gives such an opportunity to work through the Internet “when you want and where you want”. Therefore, this part of the site pretends to be the truth. However, this truth ends here as well.
Following the web page, we find success stories of the existing users of the site.

I am always wondering why such sites share the stories of success of unknown people instead of sharing some real working techniques on the presumption that in order to get the whole working process one should be registered on the site; this will definitely attract new users. Who will believe so-called Roger Webb thanking the site for teaching him “ to grasp the complexities of the stock market in a fun and interactive manner”. Guys, will we work and earn money on your site or will we have fun?! By the way, Roger Webb pretends to call himself a college student, while the picture of him shows us a retired person as I can suggest. Nevertheless, some people go to college at this age as well… Just we need some explanation here I suppose.
Three other persons, Kathy Palmer, Mario Webster and Ricardo Potter, also say that they have learned a lot through this site and its courses and now they have started their first investments and seen a good profit. Just a minute! They have JUST started! So, is it really possible to call such stories as a success story? Even if these guys do exist, they are just at the beginning of their way and it is still too early to talk about any success with which one can attract other people to this site.
Still, at the end of the page, we find such a man with a real success story – Robert Kiyosaki. I have no idea whether he knows or not that his words are used at this site. However, the only thing I definitely know that he earned his fortune, not with this site.
Despite everything described above, I have decided so far to be registered on the site in order to see the inner scope, not just the cover of the site, and to decide for myself for 100% whether it is SCAM or not. And what a surprise! I could not finish my registration, although I had provided my real e-mail address and phone number. The error says, “The click field is required”, but still there is none of it.
At long last, I hope this site is not a trap gathering people’s e-mail addresses and telephone numbers because otherwise they have really succeeded in this fancy way to do that and I have fallen into that trap.

What to Recommend

Actually, if you really desire to start an exciting journey to the world of global finance and online trading, there are many competent and effective applications on the Internet, which can be used for getting profit. Just keep in mind that if, while trading, you do not take into account volatility, market swings and liquidity, there is no such an application, which will let you earn money. The rules of the market cannot be cancelled, so you have to deal with them and to use applications just as a means, not as a universal remedy.
Of course, choosing the right platform is very important as well. So we recommend you to have a look at Signals Trades, which is not a scam site like “Investors Center” at It is safe and it is actually working to all intents and purposes. What is more important, it is a legal trading system, which is transparent to its users. By using recommended Signals Trades you will maintain the full control over your investments and retain the right to make investment decisions. Take advantage of the verified platforms and get real profit!

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