The bot invasion started early. Is Crypto Robot 365 a scam?

The bot invasion started early. Is Crypto Robot 365 a scam?

Today we can see that cryptocurrency market attracts more and more people. Despite the fact that it is a relatively young market, the income that it could provide attracts new players as well. Such trends give rise to the number of brokers that operate in the market, and, of course, some of the owners of such trading systems are not going to make you rich, basically, they want to do the opposite. In this article, we are going to bring down some of these scammers. In this case, we are going to talk about Crypto Robot 365.

This platform is intended to take advantage of the current situation on the cryptocurrency market, trying to capture the attention of investors with fictitious products. A support that uses all kinds of tricks to try to get new customers and their money.

We are going to analyze some of the aspects to make it clear that we are facing a deception. First, let’s start with the introduction to this platform.


What is Crypto Robot 365?

To understand why these scammers are scammers, we need to start with the basics. If you know exactly what they are doing or what they want to sell you, you can understand their motives. That’s why we go to their website to take a look at this information, and to see what we find.

Our objective begins here. We are trying to learn how long they have been operating, so we can know what kind of experience they have. This is an important part if such platform has been operating for a long time, it is difficult for them to be unnoticed by its users.

Crypto Robot 365 scam


It is not surprising that looking on their page we do not find any kind of this information. We have been searching carefully but nothing we have found is concerning that.

That is, if we decide to operate with this platform, we will be operating completely blind since we don’t have information on how they operate, how long they have been doing it or what people think about them.

Of course, the absence of all this information proves that they are not regulated, because otherwise, they’d notice by who they are regulated and where we should go in case of having a problem with Crypto Robot. This is perhaps the most important aspect. Although they did not have any kind of experience, despite the fact that we have all been newbies, the fact that they are not regulated makes us risk our money by giving it to people that we do not know anything about.

Once we have discovered that we do not get anything clear about the information on the platform, we will continue to look for information to see more relevant details that will continue to confirm that we are facing the biggest scam.

Crypto Robot 365 review


Using the internet, we managed to find out that the registration of the Crypto Robot 365 platform was in July 2017, so we already have some information that we can check later when we know some more information about other aspects.

We continue looking for more information on the page and it is at this moment when we enter with the autotrading software. Within this type of scams, it is quite characteristic to find a miraculous software, which does the dirty work for us. We are “ensured” that we earn astronomical amounts of money, without risking anything or losing any time on it.

At this moment that we encounter the first contradiction, which makes it the first lie. This successful product, with which so much money we can obtain, we sell on the main page to hype and saucer that has been running since 2016, making a lot of money to its participants.

As we have seen, this is completely impossible. It is a lie since it cannot be that the product has been working since 2016 on the platform that was registered one year later. We can see that the dates do not match and that the only thing that we are going see further, is a string of lies and contradictions, each more suggestive than the previous one, aimed to capture by this method the unwary poor and get them out your money. I hope that with these lines that you are reading, this will not happen.


How does Crypto Robot 365 works

Despite the fact that we found some indications that proof that we’re dealing with a scam, we still can continue in order to highlight other kinds of tricks that Crypto Robot 365 bring us. This scam will try to deceive us, so we’ll try to take a look at the way their product works.

The product highlights from the outset all its virtues and we are facing an autotrading software that will allow us to get rid of money in record time. Not only this makes it interesting, it is also a system that will do it completely free, without us having to do anything in return.

The binary trading software works with very complicated algorithms, difficult to understand and not worth explaining to avoid wasting time, which allows the robot of our fraudulent platform to read the market better than any investor and thus take advantage of everything the capital invested.

In fact, if we use the platform that promises us a profit of $ 456 per day. Now you can start calculating to see how much money you can earn at the end of the month in this way. It would simply be to multiply 456 for 30 days and the result would be zero. Zero, because the platform does not work, it’s a deception and that’s what you’re going to get zero dollars. The only thing you could calculate well without fear of making mistakes is how much you are going to lose.

The binary options market is a fairly simple market to operate and accessible to everyone, in which you can make a lot of money by investing. However, these amounts are completely laughable, both in this market, as in any other and it is impossible that they can be carried out. It is completely impossible to predict everything perfectly and to know in this way how much we are going to win because precisely that, some behaviors are unpredictable and this means that nobody can escape a loss. It’s called risk and it’s real.

However, sincerely this platform does not interest you, what they do is fill our heads with the idea of how to become rich fast. In this way a little later, they begin to tell us that we can earn $ 53,000 a week. If the almost 400 dollars a day feels not enough for you, now it seems that we can practically get the retirement for the rest of our life.

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