Is Goldman CFD a Scam

How can We Distinguish Scams? Is Goldman CFD reliable broker?

Nowadays there are many ways to make money and people use them. There no barriers when somebody trying to earn his or her living. Except for the one problem – scammers. Such people use trusting and those, who are poorly informed in this sphere. For a newcomer, it’s rather difficult to understand the financial issues and take concrete actions.

Such resources like ours are intended for reviewing various financial platform that allows for earnings. We figure out who is who and whether these platforms are safe for investing your own money. We’ll try them and then interpret the final conclusion. If you are not experienced in the Forex field, every step must be viewed with caution. Only you can retain your own money.

Recently we’ve faced Goldman CFD, a Forex trading broker, which presented itself as a financial veteran. Now, we are going to make Goldman CFD review and find out what is it.

So, Let’s Check Whether That is True

The broker Goldman CFD was founded in spring 2018, namely on May. Even the first line of their description contains a lie, so why should we trust other lines? The company officially belongs to GoldmanCFD LTD. It has registered address in Bulgaria. They don’t show their phone number and to contact them you have just email address on their website.

The company uses the common platform for trading –it’s MetaTrader4. It’s the main and only plus of the trading broker. MT4 is a platform with numerous advantages, such as easiness to use the site, interface, structure and navigation. Also, it’s well-known for its high security, functionality and mobility. This software for trading on the Forex Market has replaced MT3 and has many innovations. The distinguishing feature of the platform is productivity.

But all above-mentioned advantages don’t save Goldman CFD from being a scam. They have a mobile app, so mobile trading is available. The website is in English and Italian, and support is also available in these two languages.

What about Our Favorite Topic – Regulation?

Looking ahead we may say that it has no license and no regulation. Every company, dealing with money, should be under financial regulation of serious and influential authority. We can name such European financial regulators as Britain FCA, French AMF or Danish Financial Supervisory. Every country has its own serious financial controlling authority. Being under such regulation works as a guarantee of financial security.

If you’ve read our other articles about the subject you know what is offshore. For people, who don’t know what it is, we’ll explain. An offshore is a company which is registered, conducted, located and operated in a foreign country. Various countries, particularly living on isles, which haven’t a lot of resources and ways to protect themselves and earn the money, offer themselves as countries of registration to allow owners of different companies to evade safety, social and environmental regulation.

More importantly that they allow companies to avoid taxes and financial commitment. It means that such registered offshores can disappear from the market in the blink of an eye and indeed they don’t violate the law.

As you understand above written is not just lyrical digression. Goldman CFD has registration on the Marshall Island. The Marshall Isles has a special policy for its financial market. It registers offshores to dig out of the financial hole. It offers favorable conditions for trading brokers and similar companies. Of course, it attracts scams and fraudsters because it’s an easy path to prosperity. They can steal people’s money without any consequences.

The main point from this part is that Goldman CFD is an unlicensed broker.

There are so many licensed brokers, which follow the financial rules of various financial regulators. Wherever you are, you can trade with trusted Forex platform without any chances that your money will disappear together with your broker. Every financial market has risks, but it’s within your power –trading with brokers obeying the strict rules.

What Do They Offer?

You can participate in trading pairs of currencies (Forex), Indices, various Stocks (Contracts for Difference) and Commodities (raw materials).

They offer a demo account, which is commendable. It has four types of account: mini, standard, gold and platinum. Minimum Initial Deposit for MINI is $500 that is unreasonably expensive, especially for those who just want to try. Almost every other company for trading has less deposit, at least $250 but not 500 bucks.

They also offer education for people who are not informed on the subject. The platform provides an opportunity to exchange various Cryptocurrencies, for example, it has such assets as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Ethereum.

Risks and Our Recommendation

Even if you are a professional and you are good at the financial market, in spite of all your years of experience, you can lose all or a great amount of your capital. So, it’s more secure – to trade with a licensed and regulated broker, because you will not think whether it’s going to disappear.

We can solve all these issues with security and recommend for you one of the safest trading brokers. It’s trusted, time-tested and tested by our team. We’ve been trading with this one for a long time.

Conclusion to Start

We couldn’t find Goldman CFD reviews to give a positive opinion about this company. And we cannot give them one. Being offshore, suspicious transactions and patterns make the company one which cannot be trusted. We’ve answered the question “Is Goldmancfd legit?”

If you want to save your money and accumulate your funds you are to avoid such brokers without any regulations. They profit from gullible people and cheat them to pocket their money.

It’s essential to put your mind to every deal connecting with money and be able to see ten steps ahead. We wish you be successful and hope that our advice will help you with this very complicated case.

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