Is Karvy a reliable broker…?

Stockbrokers are developing and their number is constantly growing. But among the trusted ones, there are some brokers trying to cheat and get your money. Our aim is to denote these companies and services which disguise themselves. And today we are going to talk about a relatively new service – Karvy stockbroker. We are going to dwell upon the characteristics and also talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the system.

Characteristics and the general overview of the system

The first thing to look at – is the general organization of the website. The structure is very important, as usually scammers copying the simple templates and samples. Scammers usually change the logotypes, the video and add some general information, promising great sums and guarantee. By looking at a website, you should notice such elements: the repetition of the same phrases (persuading you to invest your money and register – pure manipulation), the review part and the quality of the frequently asked questions with the following answers.

Son, important to notice that the Karvy system has a good site, there are lots of pages and you have the impression of a reliable site. You won’t find a typical structure and meaningless video with paid actors and some made up history. There is a currency rate showing the growing and dropping sums. You can also download the application on your phone, and that’s a good sign – usually, scammers do not have such things.

The daily reports will provide you with some information on what is going on the financial market and different trends.

At the bottom of the page, there is information about the regulation and the license data. So, for you to know, that the system is not licensed, and it is not regulated, by completing the registration you risk to lose your money.

About the system itself

So, to start with, before the registration you should choose a mode: the beginner, intermediate and the advanced one. You have the possibility to improve your knowledge in the field of stockbrokers, as here you will find the academy with some materials and strategies. Videos and fundamental reports are waiting for people who want to get into the sphere, using this very system.

The system has a developed network, academy, different educational materials and even the possibility to start your own career here. They also have a have a page with the partner’s information and some important notions.

The contact information is clearly given, it is written the address and the e-mail with a contact number. They claim to have the experts to help the users, to have a wide range of investment products. You can also see the wide range of the certificates and the awards of the system (but this can be created with the help of Photoshop or any other graphics application).

After investigating the service, we have some different opinion: on one hand it is developed and has reliable contact, but on the other hand, it is not regulated.

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