ISGXchange Binary Options Broker – is a Scam?

Each of us ever thought about online trading and if you are here reading our review you really decide to do this. It is a dangerous but interesting road with the correct approach – monetary.

As not to stumble on the threshold one should understand the market before starting to invest. It’s important to take into account such factors as the reliability of trading broker. He wants to work with risks that accompany such financial activity.

What we do here is helping you to make the right choice of broker. It’s difficult, especially in the beginning. In this review, we’re going to discuss the credibility of the ISGXchange binary options trading broker. Their official webpage is

They have registered in London and all their contact phones are also registered in Great Britain with the beginning +44. The broker started its work in 2019.

Regulation Issues

They claim that their offices are located in London and Copenhagen and here things get interesting. All companies connected with financial activity should have a license from regulation authorities in this country where they are operated.

That’s the key point – ISGXchange – doesn’t have a license either from Britain FCA or Danish Financial Supervisory. There is a warning on the FCA website that people should not invest with this broker because they are not regulated by any financial authority. This is a flagrant violation of financial politics of majorities of the countries. Not a single brokerage has any right to carry out its activities without a license issued by a financial supervisory authority.

Under no circumstances, you should invest with such companies as ISGXchange because they have no license and consequently no guarantee that you return your money back. Trading with them is risky and unreasonable.

Why it’s so important? – you may ask. Having a license is insurance for you and your money. Regulated brokers have obligations to the regulating authority as well as to you. If there are problems with the broker, in any case, you can withdraw your money because regulation is the protection against scams and arbitrariness of trading brokers.

The other important thing about regulation – none of the brokers wouldn’t get a license if their plans are to cheat and rapidly disappear. So if the broker you choose has one, you shouldn’t worry about its intentions.

Overall Conclusion

Our disappointing conclusion is that trading with this binary options broker is insecure and too risky, even for trading sphere where any activity doesn’t guarantee the benefit. You should choose another broker because we know nothing about ISGXchange that sheds light on the fact who are they. It’s essential to trade with a regulated and reliable broker to achieve success and make profits. Because even you have a gift for trading if the broker you invest with is a scam – nothing matters – you will lose.

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