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Today we’re going jump into Jungle Scout review 2019. We will do an analysis of the Jungle Scout in which we will tell you about our impressions and whether it is worth buying or not. See you in the comments!

What is Jungle Scout and how can it help you

The first question goes to the center of the problem, that’s fine. Jungle Scout is a software that helps you solve the biggest problem of all those who are dedicated to FBA: to find a product that really is profitable.
We assure you that you have to invest a lot of time in finding a profitable product because in each product a significant amount of money is invested. Who likes to lose money?
The main mistake of many marketers at Amazon is to rush into their investment decisions. It has become common for a significant number of people to invest thousands of dollars in a product without conducting the exhaustive prior study that it requires, resulting in significant losses. To avoid this type of situation is that the Jungle Scout Tracker Product is implemented, since with it we can follow the behavior in the market of an item for four weeks or more, which is what is recommended before investing.
Within the professional extension they also added the ability to view the history of sales volume as a measure of the quality of the listings as well as the quality of opportunity of the product. That is to say that all the current information and necessary to make an educated decision about what product, what niche or category you can develop your business.
In my opinion Jungle Scout is a great tool more than anything because it is backed by a great team that leads the industry of product analysis to sell on Amazon, always being at the forefront and bringing us what no other competition in their field can, if you want to get this tool.

How does it work?

Once purchased the product in We go to google chrome. Once the extension installed we can see the icon in the top right, we go to and if for example you want to see the demand for yoga blankets, we place yoga mat in the Amazon search engine.
Once all the products that appear are loaded, click on the extension of Junglescout and get all the information mentioned before. With that information you can make a better decision if it is a product or market in which you want to participate. All this data that you throw you can find without this extension but you would have to enter each publication of the products to get it in addition to many other steps so this extension saves you a lot of time, which is important and vital factor in any homework.

The cost of this extension for its LITE version is $87 and $147 for PRO version at the time of making this post.
This investment is fully justified, and in this case it is only once that you acquire it for life at this time.
It is true that Jungle Scout is a relatively expensive product for what we are used and if we add the fact that for now it does not offer metrics for our country, it makes it a little less interesting.
However, knowing how this little tool works, we can tell you that it is a real canyon, and we believe that selling FBA in the small country is not as profitable as in other countries, there is less competition but also much less market, so leaving our borders may not be bad idea.
Anyway, here is a truth, everything that Jungle Scout does you can do it manually by investing time; The only thing this tool does is save your calculations and learning time.
There is no doubt that choosing a product that works is based on crossing a lot of data, in this case what you do in a JS you can do in a few seconds so if you go seriously with Amazon and want to make a profitable business from it … it makes up for you !

  • JungleScout will give you this information:
  • Title of the product
  • Price
  • Number of opinions
  • Estimated benefit
  • BSR
  • Weight and measures
  • Sold units
  • FBA cost

Mm … a lot of information, isn’t it? Anyway, in case you have some suspicions, we have a recommendation for you: try it for 30 days and if it does not convince you take advantage of the money reimbursement. It’s clearly a win-win situation.

Where can you buy this software?

You can buy the software easily on the official website.
In Jungle Scout we find two models, the first is a web application and the second is an extension of Chrome which we have.
The prices of the web version are mentioned above, as you will see, you have to pay monthly or annually. We recommend you do it yearly to save enough money, it’s worth it
As for the Google Chrome addon it is a single payment, it is the version of the program that we have tried so we think it is worth it.
It is also quite comfortable to make a single payment, it hurts more but you forget about future charges.
You can find a big amount of resources and information that is not mentioned in this review, here we only have a couple of post in several well-known blogs and little else while there have several blogs that are dedicated to Amazon FBA exclusively.
Among them there are several that we are following and we’ll leave them here in case you want to learn more:

  • The Amazing Seller
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  • UpFuel
  • FBA Expert
  • Ryan’s FBA Journey
  • Private Label Selling

Conclusion on

In conclusion we will say that Jungle Scout is the definitive program to analyze and find niches in Amazon, however we think that if you are going to dedicate exclusively to the (for example) Spanish or any other market, it may not be worth it.
Although it is an excellent tool and you can get an idea of ​​your market it is possible that the investment is not completely necessary, that if you are going to focus on another country you must have it!
Now it’s your turn, what do you think of the post and the tool? Are you already dedicating yourself to Amazon FBA? How would you improve the article? I wait for you in the comments, I will be happy to hear from you. Thank you very much for reading our reviews, see you in the next post !

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