LeapFx – Review of the project

To sort out if LeapFx is a scam or not, we should check their website. It is a simple one-page website with all information situated on the first page. It is divided into several parts and each part describes something about the project.

At the very top of the page, there is a video, describing briefly this system. In the video there is a minimum of information about LeapFx, it if fully advertising video.

In the video itself tells you, that you will learn some features, that can help you in scalp trading. The video advises to buy one of the programs and you will be getting money from nothing. Such advertising video on the first page of the website is a popular scam trick, used to convince users to buy their software.

Above the video, there is a promise of huge profits, even if you had no experience of trading before.

Any promises and guarantees of enormous profits are just tricks to attract your attention to LeapFx.

Lower goes the description text about some computer software, that is able to trade at the Forex Stock Exchange without trader himself. It is said to use a scalping method. However, you can find neither the way, how exactly LeapFx works, nor its program source.

The text also says about some William Morrison – software developer, but if we search for him on Google, we won’t find anything about this man. As any scam project, this system doesn’t tell anything about its way of work, besides a short advertising text.

After this “description” goes a “Quick Note To Beginner Forex Traders”. It tells, that trading with the help of automated systems is very profitable and all you need to get huge money is just to buy their software. Again LeapFx promises profit from nowhere, it is another feature of scammers. It makes an illusion, that the profit is guaranteed and there are no risks.

After that, there are advantages of scalp trading.

This information has no practical purpose, it is a simple advertisement, used to persuade you, that scalping trading is the best way of trading and all you have to do, is to buy their software. As we see, everything here is aimed at attracting more attention of users. It is a very noticeable feature of scam projects.

After this information goes screenshots of results of scalp trading. If we look at any of these screenshots, we will notice, that everywhere there are large sums of profits. But is very easy to imitate such screenshots with profits. Their purpose is to make their users sure, that they are able to become rich, they just need to buy their software.

After the fake screenshots, there is a list of “advantages” of LeapFx.

None of these aspects proves the honesty of the project and is used just to fill the website with some information. This information also has no practical purpose and is used just to make an image of a serious company.

After this useless information, there is a description of what packages include. The whole aim of the website is to sell their packages with software. LeapFx promises their support at trading, special software, updates, trading manual, special settings and their recommendations. Practically all the options are nothing more, than another advertising, used by many scammers.

Next, there is a block, telling about some kind of guarantee.

It tells, that in 60 days after you buy their product, you can get your money back. However, LeapFx gives no documents, agreements or licenses about their guarantee. Real trading programs and brokers, when giving a guarantee, make a guarantee agreement, that has to be signed by the user. Here there no proofs, that guarantee is real, there is a big chance, that if you try to get your money back, you will be banned and won’t b able to get it back. And if we take into consideration, that the whole website is made for advertising, it can be a new advert and a simple scam trick.

At the bottom of the first page, there is the selling block.

The project sells two packages, which can help you in your trading. The first package is 1 year and the second is a lifetime. We have found many features of scammers on this website and we can say, that LeapFx won’t stay at least one year. Usually, such scam projects suddenly disappear with the money of their customers.

The last thing, we want to say about the website is, that here there is a popup window.

It appears every five seconds and it tries to make users enter their Email and join their project as fast as possible. It is the next feature of scam projects. It is aimed at people, who do not think a lot and make decisions quickly.

On the website, there is no block about any licensed activity or regulation. That is why we can say, that LeapFx has no legal right to perform trading services. We don’t recommend you to deal with systems without a license, like LeapFx because they are always 100% scammers.

The website is made maximally primitively and cheaply, such websites are usually created by scammers in big amounts to cheat people.

Why we say it is a scam

There are several reasons, why we say LeapFx is a scam. They are:

  • Short, simple advertising video, making you buy their product;
  • A lot of promises of huge and guaranteed profits, no one would give you chance to make money from nothing;
  • Fake description with fake people, the only purpose of such description is advertising of their packages;
  • A lot of useless information used just to fill out the website;
  • A strange guarantee without any proved licenses or other documents;
  • Popup windows, making you register as fast as possible;
  • No licenses or any other proofs, that LeapFx has a permission to perform trading actions.


Projects like LeapFx do nothing more, than “selling air”. Their products do not have any purpose, they are useless. However, not all trading projects re scammers. We can recommend Signals Trades. It is not a scam site like LeapFx, it’s a legitimate trading system that is transparent to its users and has a proved license. Using the recommended Signals Trade you maintain full control over your investments and retain the right to make investment decisions.

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