LS Traders –new solution?

When people start to be interested in the trading sphere, they want to perform some actions and improve their practical side. In this relation, they start to search for some experienced people with good tools and solutions. But often, it happens that the system, supposed to help people with the new field, cheating people and take the money. To avoid thing situation, it is important to be aware of different systems and know the tricks of the scammers. These tricks are usually the same because scammers are known to be not so creating, they just copying the whole websites. So want to know more about some scamming systems? Stay with us.

LS Traders closer acquaintance

Today we are going to investigate and discover this system. Looking at the website, we may say that the service has a conception. You won’t see the usual tricks of scammers, like different videos, manipulation and fakes everywhere.

So, the service claims to be established and a secure one with developed software and methods of preventing frauds. The guaranteed clients funding and reliable technologies are supposed to be the advantages of the system. You can also trade on the site the whole day and night, usually, the online platforms like that should work 24/7, and so, services should not say that this is their unique advantage.

The second important thing, that you won’t find the reviews from clients and customers, there is no feedback page or the page with frequently asked questions. That is weird, it seems that the system is just “dead”, having nothing to show to the potential clients. Usually, the scammers have some pages with reviews and some good and positive thoughts of the client. But well, those, who are very successful, have the same thing, their clients are real people and not just paid actors.

The main disadvantages and the regulation issues

It is important to say, that even if the website seems to be ok, a worked on one, full of meaningful and logical information, you should pay all of your attention to the regulation topic. As we can clearly see, the LS Traders is a system, not regulated one. And that’s the whole point. You can lose your money quickly, as the service is not licensed and, frankly speaking, is an illegal one. We should also give you another fact – even the Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority warned the users, novices and advanced ones, about this system. We think that’s a very important fact as if the British regulated analyzing systems have such information, maybe everyone should take that into consideration.

The system was created in London. At the site, you can also find accounts of different types and register the one you want. They provide registered users with training and some basic education.

The conclusion about the system

So, from the first look at the system, a novice would say it is okay. But we, having conducted the investigation, are telling you the opposite. This system is not regulated, we repeat this for you.

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