Make Money Robot Scam System – the terminator of all bots?

We are surprised that there are still people who believe in the service provided by “Make Money Robot”, but if it is still online, and it is clear that it is because there are more victims. This is one of the most popular scams in binary options that have been reported on many occasions and on which a lot of mud has been thrown on. But there are also people who are strategically distributed among different forums, trying to promote the value to the service which has created a moment of dilemma. We wanted to know definitively if this platform was a scam or not. Tired of reading both good and bad things we wanted to see how far the gossip came.

And you know what we can tell you? That it is a full-fledged rip-off.


There is no option, there is no doubt that it is a scam, a scam that you should run away from as fast as possible, because it is a kind of web projects that will only play for your money. It is the typical miraculous bot that tries to multiply your money when in fact the only thing that it will do is lose it and benefit from the affiliate system to get you well grabbed by the …

How to prove and affirm that “Make Money Robot” scams its customers?

Let’s analyze the web and experience as usual. We enter and they send us the first message to convince us. In this message they tell us that we can earn $1,586 dollars a day. The best thing is that they reinforce the idea that there are no taxes of any kind and that we only have to press a button.

In addition, they send us the first urgent message telling us that there are only 350 licenses with a close date. MakeMoneyRobot has an algorithm that calculates a margin so that there is always an opportunity to earn money, but with some urgency so user have to react quickly.

Then, when we entered the system we discovered that the license limit is not what they were commenting on. But did we expect something different?

The typical video that will make us believe

What would be a web of binary shares scams without a video with messages and statements focused on believing that we are going to become rich? It would not be serious! This time the most interesting thing is that the video has been posted on YouTube.

It is like the law of minimum effort; they have not even spent storage space to upload content to the domain where the web is hosted. Surprise, surprise, comments are disabled, so you cannot say anything about it.

The videos length is almost 10 minutes. If you see the whole video, you can say that you have lost 10 minutes of your life and that you want to return them to you. It would be fair. Do you know how much 10 minutes of your life are worth? We know what they are worth of ours and we are clear that we will not allow this to fall on deaf ears.

We will go for them to return the 10 minutes they stole! If you want, we join and burn the office (kidding, surely they do not have an office).

Felipe Vega – Expert in ripping off staff thanks to “Make Money Robot”

When the video begins (some popcorn is recommended) we meet Felipe Vega, a guy who is happy. He has a new haircut and a suit he may have bought for sale. He looks like a winner and has one of those beautiful pretty signatures. We’re all want to be like Felipe, because the guy takes some championship checks without lifting a finger. The strange thing is that the video is published on the channel of a guy named Michael Williamson, who does not look too much like Felipe. So who is Felipe and who is Michael? Well, look, I’ll tell you … Felipe Vega does NOT EXIST!



This person is does not exist because the creators of “Make Money Robot” have taken the photo of a very popular image download website ( Here you can see this evidence.


Looks like Felipe Vega is obsessed with the boxes! Here you can see the photos from the ShutterStock page. Anyway, I think that with this “Make Money Robot” has already lost all its credibility, but hey, let’s continue!

Do you want to be a winner or a victim?

Felipe Vega tells us his story through graphics and images that he has taken from free pages. If you have visited other pages of makemoneyrobot scam linked to learning about how to invest in binary options, you have surely seen that in many cases the same images are used.

That’s how crappy they are. The video has a bit of everything and the story of Felipe is not bad, but we doubt very much that Leonardo Di Caprio is thinking of starring in his film. I do not know, looks like we missing something. Maybe the fact that Felipe spent a year in prison? What do you think about that?

The bottom line & recommendations

We want to do our thing and inform you about this type of things (like Make Money Robot), although we are aware that fighting a scam like this is not as easy as it may seem. When you have in mind if it would be a good idea to invest in this platform, remember our words and what we want to convey in each of the reviews of fake robots and scammers that we find online. Do not be too frivolous, money costs a lot to earn it and then throw it away with the intention that there is someone who earns a salary at our expense. It’s a shame, because Felipe Vega what us like him for how nice he looks.

What about the alternatives? There are a hundreds of scam software trade systems, and it’s very hard to find the right one. But nothing is impossible. We sincerely recommend Tool Trades signals system. This software makes accurate calculations so you can make the best bets after receiving the signal. It is simple, transparent, and time-tested trading software. If you are looking for a helpful application that actually does its work – you’ll never regret. It will cost you nothing, and every decision is on your own, so you can maintain your own investments and remove them anytime you want.

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