Unbelievable facts about Nadex: Is Nadex Legit?

First of all, it has to be mentioned that NADEX is the first regulated binary broker in the US and it is operating under rules and regulations of CFTC. It is important for every client to know if NADEX is legit – and the answer is – it is! All financial activity of the broker is under the control of the American legal system, and clients’ funds are kept in the best banks in the world. Having mentioned this, it doesn’t mean that you do not have risk while trading with NADEX. You have a classic type of risk that occurs with any trading.

How to trade with NADEX binary options?

If you are a beginner with binary options, you might find their platform a bit more difficult to operate than the other similar ones of some European companies.
First of all, what you need to do is to create your Demo account. Here with NADEX, you have an option of trading for 10 days for free. Later you need to deposit on your real account in order to start your real life earnings with NADEX. Minimum deposit is 250$.
If you are resident of the country outside of US, you still can use NDEX for trading, but only if your country is listed in their list of allowance.
In order to register and conduct several transactions in the binary market, each new client must fill in an extended questionnaire form and confirm the accuracy of this information (the whole procedure takes place in four stages).

Going on NADEX binary options platform – something new, something old

Looking at this platform the first time you might find it complicated. But it will go smoothly if you will divide it into few sections.
On the top you will be seeing the information about your account and how you can deposit. In the left part, you can see the list of trading options. Since you are particularly interested in binary options, you will be looking at ETFs, Commodities or Forex binaries.
After you choose the currency or other binary option you would like to trade, click on it and on the main screen you will be getting a list of contracts that are running during a certain time. Those would be columns one and two. Also here you will see the time remaining for you to trade with this binary option.
When you click on the pair, you get the ticket, which is giving you the price of it plus the information of your profit. The amount of Bid is important because it is always remaining money from a hundred dollars. So if the bid size is 80 – you get a profit of 20 dollars. It is always set – how much this bid size is. So you cannot spend less. This price is set by NADEX. You just get the difference if your prediction wins. Also, one more option that NADEX has is that if the price of the binary is too close to the market price, they just do not offer it to you as a contract. So basically it is giving you better win if you are betting, but also it is limiting your moves. So you can decide for yourself, is it a good or bad option for you.
Recently NADEX changes strategy and starts trading option in regulated binary options. The broker is now announcing their 20minute binary options. And even 5-minute options are coming in the near future.
So, in general, the trading with NDEX binary platform is still pretty basic and easy if you would spend some time to get used to it. The platform is also available on Android and Apple devices, so you can do automated trading as well.
NADEX does have good and solid training program before you start your binary options trading with them. So they do not offer signals, as this is the strategy for brokers who want to get their own experience of fair trading, also NADEX does not apply trading robot to their platform.

Trading Instruments

NADEX financial app allows its customers from one account to work with almost all the assets represented on the stock exchanges of the world. These include:

  • Stock indices;
  • Currency market instruments;
  • Products;
  • Bitcoins, etc.

Features and requirements

Speaking of NADEX fees, you might find it higher than some of the other companies offer.The fee per one contract within money will be $1. Also, you will find fees of $2 while doing your withdrawal.
The investment app that his broker offers looks pretty well. It has all the options and fully functional so you can do your on-the-go trading on the daily basis. NADEX investment app can be considered easy to use for beginners, as it is simple and clear.
NADEX does offer to trade with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies as one of the binary options. It can be found on the left side of the platform in the Cryptocurrencies list. NADEX gives you weekly spread for Bitcoin.
As we already mentioned earlier, NADEX spread signals are not to be used on their platform. Although there are a lot of offers on that matter on the web. It is up to every trader to trust those strategies or not – but why would you need those if you have an intuition of your own. Anyhow, using others strategies is a choice of everyone, and we can only offer you a list of best investment apps that you can trade on here.
For every contract that the client is buying through NADEX confirmation is sent by e-mail, so they can keep a track.
In addition to the questionnaire, most applicants may be required to submit additional documents:

  • Passport, ID card;
  • Receipts confirming payment of utilities for the previous 3 months;
  • Checks for payment of rental properties (for three months);
  • Social card, etc.

In its activities, NADEX binary options adhere to the following standards:

  • Mediates and does not participate in the auction;
  • Contains client funds on separate accounts;
  • Cooperates with top-flight banks (BMO Harris, Fifth Third);
  • Earns only on commission fees.

NADEX binary options look like a trusted broker with a good support system and few interesting features and options for their clients. It is the choice of everyone, which company to prefer for trading. We are happy to introduce you to NADEX and also a list of other best investment apps that you can take a look at and choose your broker for automated bitcoin trading or binary options trading.

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