Crypto Advantage. What is your real advantage? Honest review

If you want to sell a scam program that will benefit your business, the best way is to make it look like the original one. Add a marketing slogan along with a free bonus, stick a stamp of verified certification and your sales will be going higher and higher. Selling crypto currency trading software is becoming a competitive business and scammers have to think about some new ways of making their product more attractive to potential customers than the others.
As you may have thought this program is not for free, so you won’t be able to get it online. We made an investigation to figure out whether this binary options software deserve our trust.
If you have just started to dive into the world of crypto currency trading, then you should be careful with what platform you are choosing. There are several indicators that can help you to understand whether it is a scam or a trustful resource that was made to distract people from a real opportunity of making money online. Many fake software programs are pretending to look exactly like a legit one.
The concept of Crypto Advantage is almost the same as usual: you should follow the algorithms that the professionals use and buy currency according to their predictions. It is claimed that you are going to make up to 100$ hourly due to this binary system. The truth is that there is no guarantee that you won’t spend your whole budget on this scam.


If you read through the scam group, you will notice that it states that you don’t have to have any experience in online trading at all, because you will get an access to beginner’s e-book. The instruction should teach you all about crypto currency trading process and how to use the software itself, so that you could start earning your first profit using this system. Or you can simply follow professional traders using their deals as examples.


The main idea is that you wait until the program gives you a signal, then you choose the amount you would like to trade. All the other options like choosing an expiration time for the trade, will be chosen by the professional traders on your behalf. There is also a chat where you can contact any pro trader and make you choice on whom you trust more.
All of the above actions are a very impressive scheme that scammers use to reassure you that your money are in the right hands. But the fact, that there is no one who could take credit for the wonderful program that makes money, is an indicator that the software itself is a scam. The “Crypto Advantage Team” is the only referral that is left on the website. Also, if you have a look at this site, you will notice that the video that is placed there to tell new users about the platform is very poorly made. It looks more like a PowerPoint presentation which is completely unprofessional.
A very popular technique that almost every online scammers use is to openly show so-called “professionals” to their potential customers to make them think that those are real people. This scam program is absolutely the same. You may have noticed that the profiles of these pros are looking very unnatural. And the truth is that these people may have no idea that their pictures from social media platforms have been taken to be posted on scam sites like this one.
Another scheme that the fake brokers use are unproved promises. How can anybody guarantee to you that you will make money on online trading software. That’s absolutely impossible. There is no one who could tell you what exactly the next change of the financial market will be. You are being tricked by these extra ideal conditions when you can sit without work and still make big money without any additional efforts. And many people do believe this lie and the result is almost always the same – they are giving their last money to broker that have nothing to do with crypto currency trading.
According to the company’s website the winning rate is 87% depending on how much money you risk. Sounds pretty attractive. If that was true that would mean that if you put 300$ on your trading account and then invest around 50$ into each trade, you will make 3090$ by the end of the week. That’s an incredible offer with a little secret: your will be taken and you will never see them again along with the profit that fake brokers promised you. Your money which you give to “professionals” to invest on your behalf will be stolen by the greedy scam brokers.
Of course? You should always check before calling somebody a thief. But along with all the factors listed above it becomes crystal clear that Crypto Advantage is a scam and you should check twice before giving your hard-earned money to someone you can’t trust. There are still many resources that have proven to be trustful ones. Crypto genius is one of them. You can figure out whether trading software is legal by checking on demo account. If the program has one then that means that people behind it understand that you need some time to practice your online trading skills before putting real money to get any profit.

To sum things up, Crypto Advantage has proved to be just another trading software that was created to distract traders from making money themselves and instead trust some “professionals” or binary options robots to do this work for them. It goes without saying that you want to be sure that you will get the profit from money that you have invested into programs like this one. That’s why the developers of Crypto Advantage made some efforts like their advertising video and fake pros to give you a wrong sense of safety. Don’t risk your money in vain because if you really want to put your personal funds into something you want to get advantage of, you should search carefully and always check the information and reviews that you might find on the Internet.

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Be Aware and good profits.

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