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When you’re thinking about in which broker is better to invest, you need to study possible options very attentively. Today our site prepared for you a review of this already well-known company. Unfortunately, the word “well-known” is not about a good reputation, but about the bad. The fact is that this company already existed earlier and they didn’t hesitate this, Mr Robinson is speaking strictly, that their last names were Amissio Formula and then Orion Code. Besides, he called their last companies successful! Why someone who has a successful company renames it? Maybe, because this company isn’t successful or because it is very lucky, but only for the owner? No one with a good name renames a company just for fun. We think that OC software App just looks for fools and then, picking out enough money from them, closes and disappears. This version looks very faithful and explains their necessity of changing the name.

About the history of the company

In their movie, on the main page, Edward Robinson speaks that you can hear about him on the Forbes. It is possible that this name is new for you because you do not follow Forbes so attentively, but Google can help us! Oops, it seems that Google knows only about the actor with this name…

Let’s speak now about the history of the company. When they called Orion Code earlier, they “worked” with binary options, it is not a simple tool for earning, but they promised much money to those who joined them. There were many people who suffered from Orion Code and you can’t find any positive reviews on this company. Also, there was another company with a name Quantum Code, that filmed almost the same video! Look at these screenshots:

These guys speak almost the same words! If you watch further, you’ll see that they filmed their videos in the same office! Really, why can’t they write a new scenario for the videos or rent other offices? Too lazy impostors! By the way, about Quantum Code company: they also “worked” with binary options and are known for their lies. You can’t find any positive reviews on it! Many simple men were deceived by them. You can’t find the information on the Wikipedia about the leaders of that company that also raises many questions!

Now about Amissio Formula company. Amissio also “worked” with binary options and also you can’t find any positive words about this company on the Internet, because it was proved already that they are a scam!

About the website of OC Software App

At the moment when you opened this website, you can hear and see the video that already known to you. It starts to play without your command. Of course, there is nothing against other lies, but nobody likes the imposing. The design of the site looks like Facebook and you can notice that they have “a message” for you almost instantly when you open it.

Mmm, Robin D. just earned almost two thousand! Do you believe in it? We don’t think so. By the way, this message about the two last spots was there within two days…They make you hurry up, but for what? For taking away your money, of course!

The site also has information about other users that were lucky to earn. We examined it! There are profiles in social networks with such names! But they almost empty and fake. It becomes clear that all these photos were stolen somewhere on the Internet. You can’t earn money on this website trading with Crypto Coins, you can only lose it.

We tried to find the information about the company address and their legislation to trade. There is nothing about them even on their own website. You can’t find any positive comments on this company except the site of OC Software App itself.

Their Promises

The company promised you that your income will be about 100 thousand dollars per month and that you begin to earn from the first day! It is very attractive sums, but do you believe in it? Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on the trees like leaves and nobody will offer someone programs that can bring money for free. There is also an information that the probability of the success is 99. 7%. This number is absolutely fantastic! Almost immediately after registration on their website, they demand from you 250 dollars for the first deposit, i.e. this all is not for free!


We don’t recommend anybody to register on the ocsoftwareapp.com. This website is a scam and has no registration, legislation to trade and even more, it has no real address and positive reviews. So, if you don’t want to lose your money, you’d be better to go away from this site. The history of the creators of this company is very unclear, but it is obvious that these men are successful in deception, cause no one with good intentions and reputation won’t change their name.

They want to take away your money and you can’t become richer using their site. So please, don’t use OC Software App and remember that it is better not to give all your money to one broker! Read attentively about interesting brokers on the Internet, try to connect with their specialists to know more about their guarantees and legislation! Always read attentively the terms of tools using and don’t forget to examine the existence of the company on the Internet! Don’t hope to get income for free, it is very dangerous to trust strangers! Your data and money can be stolen and you can lose everything!

Always ask about the advantages of the broker using. A good broker always helps and answers all your questions.

Our recommendations

If you want to know more about the ways to invest your money, it is possible that it will be interesting for you to read about a new system for trading. Its name is Tools Trades — Signals Trades system. This system isn’t scammed like OC Software App and using it properly you can earn money and get your profits back. It works with signals calculating the best trades to join. Signal Trades System is similar to OC Software App, but it is tested and approved by our website. Our site recommends you to read more about this tool and look closer at the possibilities that they offer.


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