Old Scammers are coming back: 30k Income App Review

Hi there, we were looking for a good company for trading using binary options and again we met something bad. Binary options is not an ordinary tool to earn and many people are deceived trying to use dishonest brokers specializing in binary options. So, it is very important to know about scammers and the methods that they use.
When you use binary options, you need to understand that no one broker can guarantee that you achieve any profit. Binary options tool is good for people who understand the market very good or who knows about good programming software. It is not easy to find this software, but at the end of our article we give you an advice about it, but before we’ll tell you about another scam.

Old Scammers Spent all stolen money and want more

30k Income App is not a newcomer on the Internet. We met with them in 2017 and there were many bad reviews on 30k Income App then. People believed their promises and put their money in this broker. It is difficult to say how much people are deceived by these scammers, no one could take their money back from them since. When the thieves get enough money, they disappear for some time, it is very possible that they just go to spend stolen money.

How the company acts to steal your money

The scheme that scammers use is not very difficult. They uploaded a video on their website in which a man with nice voice tries to charm his listeners and to get their faith. The man promises that you’ll earn 30 thousand dollars in the first month, otherwise he’ll give you one thousand dollars for free. You don’t need to have knowledge about trading, you don’t need to push buttons for making money! All you need is the registration on their site and 250 dollars for start, you need to put the money after your registration. Stop, why do you need to put the money if they have enough of them to give one thousand dollars anybody for free? Maybe because these thieves don’t trade actually, but just collect someone else’s money?

Further, the man tells about how does their system work but without any concrete information. The man introduced himself – his name is Joey Altair and he is a “mathematician by trade”. He says that his algorithm use the Fibonacci sequence to choose good options to trade, but it is actually a rave. Fibonacci is a great and well-known mathematician, but, unfortunately, his discovery is not about trading with binary options where almost everything is unpredictable for newcomers and often for professionals too.
Nobody can define whether his bet good or not using just a simple mathematic function. Fibonacci sequence is just an interesting function that programmers meet on their first steps at school. The market is more complex and depends on many factors like politics and common tendencies and others.
To hurry up everybody who is watching the video, the man informs that there are only 25 spots for free registration. It is a very familiar method to make people give their money, isn’t it? It is very often scammers use this technique just to dispel your doubts. We hope that after our reviews these methods can’t make an impact on someone.
Also, we don’t know anything about technologies that 30k Income App uses, there are only strange strings without good explanation:

There is no information about the company on their website

You can seek through the whole page, but you can’t find their address. The man on the video speaks that he doesn’t want to pay taxes, that for his company is 70% of his earned money, so he hides from the police. Once again he uses disgusting lies. There are no such taxes in the USA or the UK. On the other hand, without any government regulation creators of this site are free to take your money without your permission. There is written on the company site that they are not a scam, but really, how can we believe it? There is no evidence that this company can help you to earn money, otherwise, the Internet is full of negative messages about this broker. The good reviews about the company are only on their own website and all we know that it is not enough and you cannot rely on it. These lies look very attractive and nobody can promise such things without evidence. This site can’t give you any guarantees. Don’t try to look for the authors of the reviews that are on the 30k Income App site: you can’t find these people, they are all fake and you just lose your time.

To use or not to use 30k Income App?

Definitely, we don’t recommend you to deal with this broker. It is not legal, you can’t find good reviews about earning money with it and any information about people behind this site. It is easier and even more fun to use your money like a toilet paper than to give it to a stranger like a 30k Income App. This system just tries to use you as a profit source and the only thing that you can get from them is a headache and additional debts. This scam just uses the weak side of binary options: they’ll take away your money just pretending that their programming soft stops to work properly or maybe they just don’t speak something like this and steal your money silently.

Our conclusion

It is disappointing again to read a review about a bad company, and it is possible that you’re tired to read about cheaters. But today we want to introduce you another company with good reputation and it is not such scam like 30k Income App. This system can help you to earn money really. It is called Signals Trades and you can find information about it on the Internet. This broker works with signals and it provides few free signals for newcomers. Also, this system is legitimate and has the right to trade. The site provides information about politics and market news, also they have enough books and lectures for those who want to know more about trading. The sum that you need to begin trading with them is 250 dollars that isn’t much for this perfect system and profits that you can get with them.
Our specialists recommend you to try this system and you feel all the advantages of this system yourself. Don’t forget to invite your friends, they will love Signals Trades too!

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