Orion code scam is of the charts, read now all about it

Today we would like to tell you about another greedy company that wants to take away her money. It is not very pleasant to write about such companies, but we believe that our reviews help somebody and it is possible that one day people stop trusting this scam. Today we want to tell you about the old scam looking for fools again – Orion Code is coming back from hell again for easy money.

About Orion Code Suggestions

At the moment you come to the site of the company, the video starts, where a handsome man Edward Robinson tells about profits that he has with Orion Code. The speech of the man sounds very convincingly, he promises that you can start earning big money from the first day, shows his personal aeroplane and a big beautiful office with his team. Robinson convinces us that he likes to help people because he is a philanthropist. He speaks about new trading technology NQS that examines most trading trader’s intentions and calculate the best from their heads faster than the traders make it! It is very very strange technology, it seems it connected with minds reading and magic… Hmm, look at the face of the girl…It seems she suspects something!

The money he tells us about is not small, he reassures that you will be earning about 10 thousand dollars per day! Just create an account and begin to earn right now…All we know that it is very difficult to have such sums so quickly, you need to work hard and to know many things even if you are a trader.

As written on the site, if someone wants to start trading with the Orion Code, he needs to create an account and deposit 250 dollars on it. We couldn’t find any information about the currencies that the site work with, but it was told in the movie, that Orion Code works like forex broker and with cryptocurrencies, but is it important when the company doesn’t have a good reputation?

Orion Code doesn’t have any legislation to trade

This company doesn’t have FCA number. It means that it doesn’t have rights to trade and the government can’t protect your money. These cheaters don’t give your money back, they will spend it themselves. Always think about it when you meet a company without any documents and legislation.

Facts about the Orion Code

Orion Code is known from 2016 and there are no good quality reviews about earning money with it. If you spend a little time, you will see, that the company has a big history and it is not the pleasant one. Earlier they were known like Amissio Formula and Quantum Code, and moreover, right now they have an almost identical site — OC App Software, we have told you about it in our previous review. Every site from this list has the same movie like Orion Code on their main page. In every movie, you’ll see the same man that speaks almost the same words on all videos. These cheaters can rent a plane, a big office and a house, but they can’t write a new script!

This man used another name for Amissio’s movie. But what is his true name? Who is that man and why we can’t find him in the Forbes list though he tells us he is a billionaire? We find something true about this guy.

There were cases already when people can’t take their money back and also after registration there were calls on their phones from unknown people from the UK. These people introduced themselves like brokers from Orion Code and offer to put big sums and to trust them your money for trading.

Edward Robinson isn’t a real name

The real name of this man is Jeff Gorham and he is an actor. He works for theatres and cultural institutions and is not just a man from the street, he is a real actor. The cheaters from the Orion Code paid him good money for the taking part in the movie. And, as we pointed out earlier, he used another name in the video for Amissio Formula. But now we have all the real information about the name of this man and it is clear that he is not a trader. The company with a good reputation won’t use a fake actor to represent their interests, also nobody will change the name of a company to another if his company is well-known and respectable.

Is it worth to try to trade with the Orion Code?

We can’t advise you to use the Orion Code App for money earning. This company has a bad history, they changed their name a few times without any good reasons and it is impossible to find out their real address. Also, they don’t have FCA number and there are no good truthful reviews on this company on the Internet. Edward Robinson is not the company member even, he is an actor Jeff Gorham. The Orion Code App company makes everything to hide all their real contacts, you can’t find their real address and any regulatory information and it is unacceptable for the company of such big size that they pretend. They try to show themselves like a good and honest company, but it is not true. Don’t believe this scam and always examine the company data. It may be boring and difficult, but if you want to earn money and not to lose it – you need to pay attention to it. Just open the Internet, read some reviews, find the company address and their registration number and in case you have any doubts – choose another broker.

Our Recommendations

If you like our review, we advise you to learn more about another trading system – its’ name is Tools Trades, and it is not a scam like Orion Code App. Tool Trades is a system that uses signals. Their site gives newcomers two free signals per day to try their possibilities. Their methods are similar to Orion Code, but they will not cheat you and you earn profits using their site. Also their managers always on the line, so if you have any questions – you can ask them. The company provides its clients with fresh news and additional materials to learn more about trading and if you pay them an additional 200 dollars, they provide you with 28 signals per day for a lifetime. It sounds good, isn’t it? The company history begins in 2012 and now they are very successful and well-known on the market, there are many good reviews on them. Also, Tools Trades system is suitable for professionals and beginners and they really help people to earn money. For any additional information, you can visit their site and ask managers all the questions, that you might have.


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