One Bitcoin A Day software: the scam-resource is uncovered

Nowadays markets that allow trading cryptocurrencies are still in process of development and this promises huge outcomes for ready to risk traders. The volatility of these markets is pretty high, that allows making a good profit using binary options. That is where risky and experienced brokers can succeed, but what about people that want to try their luck but unfortunately do not have required experience. For these sorts of amateur traders, a lot of trading systems were created. Some of them rise and vanish into nonexistence almost instantly when others remain and make their clients richer. This trading sites offer many necessary instruments like autotrading software for those who just start their career as a trader.
For example, there is a lot of binary options robots – it is program software that tracing market indicators and notify a trader when indicators are in proper positions to start doing financial operations with currencies. If a trader is a novice and not familiar with rules of the game trading these sites promise to teach him or her everything necessary to start. For that reason, these sites provide users with different educational technologies that aimed to answer the question how to become rich fast and gain financial freedom. In the end, we should admit that nowadays The Global Web is overfilled with sites that allow different kinds of users start market trading on their own.
That is the good news the bad one is that there many scam-resources the main task of which is fraud their users. And the main problem for new starters is to distinguish true resources that allow gaining easy income from those that provide users with binary options scam. In this article, we will provide readers with some tips that would help them to choose a proper trading system to start earning their financial freedom and avoid scum resources. As a point of interest, we will consider a trading system named OneBitcoinADay and try to asset it for hints that may signal us a fraud. If we look thru the site of OneBitcoinADay we won’t find any specific information except advertising video that promises fortune for lucky visitors that start to use this advertised prominent technology.

For the start, we may watch that video about easy income and try to analyze it. If our readers are familiar with psychological tricks that are widely used by swindlers they would find a lot of them in this advertising video. First of all, what should prick up anyone is so-called stories of success that widely presented on scam resources. The main feature of advertisement of binary options scams is that there no possibility to check the truthfulness of that successful hero’s stories. Unfortunately, in videos of that kind, you won’t find any additional information that allows identification personalities which tell sweet stories about their success.

In this particular video, a visitor may see only some photos with sports cars and gorgeous women from the internet.
The video starts with breathtaking promises to provide new users with enormous income – 1 bitcoin per 15 minutes.
And if for some reason visitor is not familiar with auto trading software or cryptocurrencies the video provides a visitor with an explanation that market cost of one bitcoin is approximately forty-five thousand dollars. At the end of this part of the video a user should be quite interested but may raise a question – how is it possible to earn that kind of money for such a short period of time? For that reason, the video contains a thrilling story about one genius programmer that created trade software which analyses markets and provides users with a prediction about a situation on the market with 98.99% accuracy. As always there is no additional information about the creator of that program only his name – John.
If a visitor is still watching the video he or she became a target of widely known psychological trick. The essence of that trick is creating a situation where a victim has not enough time for assessing a proposition. For that reason, the video states that only forty-six lucky people will be allowed to use that sophisticated traders software and at least twelve of them are on board already. So victim should decide that there no time for delays of reasoning and adopt this proposal instantly. That is where we should question motives of such charity. If this auto trade program is so perfect that it gives accuracy as high as 98.99% then why this anonymous philanthropists share their advantage. To find out the answer to that question we should click a link sited in the bottom of the page named Terms & Conditions. On the page that opens after a visitor has clicked on the link, we may see Full Risk Disclosure Statement. This statement is much more informative than the whole site and this information contradicts completely statement contained in the advertising video.
For example, it contains the following statement: Information on this site should not be seen as a recommendation to trade CFD and Forex. provides you with links to free CFD and Forex trade software that enables you to receive free signals from 3rd parties. is not licensed nor authorized to provide advice on investing and related matters. Information on the website is not, nor should it be seen as investment advice. Clients without sufficient knowledge should seek individual advice from an authorized source. CFD and Forex trading entails significant risks and there is a chance that clients could lose their investments.
So, despite promises that had been given in the advertising video, this bitcoin trading robot won’t guarantee user with 98.99% of predictions accuracy. Actually, authors took off themselves all legal and moral obligations. More than this, risk disclosure statement states that the Client must acknowledge that engaging in CFD and Forex poses a great risk of incurring losses and the Client must accept that he is willing to undertake this risk.
After that statement users may ask themselves: What about the autotrading software that never makes mistakes?
As you can see all advertising that sited on the front page of the site is deceit. In the end, we should advise our readers to consider carefully curency trading instruments and especially binary options trading systems that they are going to use. From our side, we strongly recommend our user to take advantage of a trading dream system named “crypto genius” as the most reliable trading site on the WEB.

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