Optical signal trader app – scam or efficient way to earn money?

Functions of project

The Optical Signal Trade is said to be a perfect resolution, that can raise your profits to the new stage at ease. They say, that their program gives super-precise signals, that can help you in your trading. We shall figure it out if it is so or not.

Description and review of the website

To find a scam project, first of all, you have to check it’s website for some features of scammers.

If we look at the website of the Optical Signal Trade App, we can see, that it is a one-page site, divided into several parts.

Look at the top of the website – you see four buttons, which have to redirect the user to another page, but they just redirect you to someplace on this page. This is done to make up the website as cheap, as it can be. Such trick reminds us of scammers, that create many sites like that, that work simultaneously to bring more money to scammers.

Lower the upper bar go an inscription, that promises up to 3000$ every day. The promise of huge profits is one of the most popular features of scammers. It is used to convince users, that money is guaranteed and make them join their program.

Just think: if these people own a software, that makes them a huge profit, why wouldn’t they use it for themselves? No one, who really earns money will never tell you the way to do large profit. Only scammers do like this.

The next block is made on the background with stacks of dollars. Showing pictures of large amounts of money is also a popular trick of scammers. It is also used to make users sure, that they are able to earn a lot of money here.

On this background, there is a video with a description of a project. Such introduction videos can be found on many scam websites. Such scam projects are aimed at lazy users, who want to get a lot of in a short time. As they are lazy, they won’t read a lot of information about the project, that is why showing a video is an ideal way, how to make users register.

The video itself tells that after the registration, you have to make a deposit to your broker and Optical Signal Trade App will give very efficient signals to trade profitably. The video doesn’t tell anything about how this project works, what profit get owners of the project. Its purpose is again just to convince users to register and make a deposit in a simple way.

After the video, there is a part with reviews to the Optical Signal Trade App.

Are these review real? The answer is no. Showing fake review is also one of the most popular scammers’ tricks. The dates and people in these reviews are completely fake. Again scammers attract users’ attention with the help of pictures of money stacks. And again they guarantee you profit about 3000$ a day. Only scammers shout everywhere about huge profit.

On the right side of the website, there is a popup window, that offers you to register at Optical Signal Trade App. Everything on this site tells you to register and make a deposit, only this way you will become rich. This is also a psychological trick, used by scammers, that makes you register faster.

The lower fake review there is a text description of their software. It again tells, that their projects use some unique technology of precise trading. The description doesn’t tell how exactly it works, but it tells only, that the Optical Signal Trade App can easily raise your profit. Of course, it isn’t so.

Also, descriptions say, that the Optical Signal Trade App was noticed by the world’s largest news companies – CNN, Bloomberg… If we try to check their news feed, we won’t even find a reminds of this project. Again this projects lies to its users.

What’s more, this description tells, that their activity is legal, but there are no licenses or proving documents on the website. If any financial or commercial website has no license, that permits it to perform a trading activity, it is illegal and we strongly discourage you to use such projects.

After the software description, there is a list of assets, that are used in trading with Optical Signal Trade App.

If we look more detailed, we can see, that this list is just a picture. This list of assets doesn’t mean anything and it is used just to fill the space in the website.

Next, there is a new description of the technology itself.

Do these legends sound true to you? We think no. If owners of this website have some super innovative technology, then why wouldn’t they patent it or make a profit for themselves? In reality

Optical Signal Trade App is a simple scam, that doesn’t trade anywhere, it just collects money from users, promising them enormous profits.

All factors, proving Optical Signal Trade App is a scam

It is very easy to distinguish a scam, but nevertheless, many users often get caught by scammers. This is a list of reasons, why we consider Optical Signal Trade App a scam:

  • Simple and cheap one-paged website, that seems to be a copy of many scammers like this;
  • Guarantees and promises of huge money, that can be raised through Optical Signal Trade App;
  • Attractive pictures of a stack of money, that create an illusion, that users really get a profit ;
  • The video, that doesn’t tell anything, as a short overview of a project and a call to registration;
  • Fake reviews, that again guarantee profit and try to show, that simple people, like its users, got this profit;
  • Fake information about regulation and license – the project has no license;
  • Lies about being noticed in world famous social media, in such a way they try to convince users, that their project is really reliable;
  • The fake legend about super-innovative and precise methods of automatic trading;
  • Everything tries to make you register and buy their software.

Recommendations about honest systems

However, not all financial projects are scammers. We can advise using Signals Trades as an instrument to help improve your trading. It isn’t a scammers’ website as Optical Signal Trade App, it’s an officially approved trading system, that is responsible for its clients. When you use Signals Trade, you handle complete control over your assets and you have a right to perform investment actions.

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