Option robot review: How scammers use the resources of novice traders

Today, with the development of new technologies, people are looking for the simplest ways to earn money and the crypto-currency market attracts more and more people. And although this option is quite new, it attracts new players every day. But along with this a number of scammers, who take advantage of other people’s means is growing. Some owners of such systems can leave you without a penny, in fact promising make you rich. In order to warn yourself against this kind of fraud, we have prepared for you an article revealing the true essence of the program associated with Binary Option Robot, namely the Bitcoin Code.

А functional trading system or regular option robot scam?

Now we often meet with information that Bitcoin is an option robot scam. To begin, let us turn to the very definition. The Bitcoin Code is an online trading software that has its own crypto currency. At first side it seems that this is some kind of functional innovation, capable of creating huge sum of money in a short period of time. The Interptionrobot is a scamnet is full of examples, as thousands of users win six-figure revenues in just one day! This system claims to give users a high winning ratio and reduces the risk of trading. In addition, it is suitable for everyone, because it does not require any previous trading experience. It seems that there is everything necessary for the functional work and profitable trade on the market. But is it really so? Let’s look at an example of such scam.

A handsome and successful guy named Steve McKay is the developer of Bitcoin Code. But behind this brilliant success lies nothing but fraud. Thanks to the latest information we know, Steve earned $ 100 million through the work of his system in a small period of time, which is impossible for an honest businessman.

In fact, this platform uses the current situation in the crypto-currency market and thereby tries to attract investors’ attention to the products of trade that are false. Thus, the program attracts new users, who immediately strive to create deposits and buy currency at favorable prices, thereby increasing their risk of getting caught on the scams.

Another doubt is the so – called great opportunity to create high profits. The site claims that the Bitcoin Code generates more than $ 13,000 every day, which guarantees you a fortune. Moreover, according to the official website, this platform never loses the profession or funds. In addition, developers say that over the past months, software platforms have brought more than $ 18 million. And it is obvious that this is completely untrue. The online market is open only on weekdays at a certain time, therefore it is physically impossible to make deals in a row seven days a week.

You can identify a lie by simply first glance at the Bitcoin Code website.


This website contains a minimum of information and is absolutely unprofessional. It is more like an entertaining children’s game than an advanced trading business. The windows constantly pop up that do not allow you to read the information. In addition, nowhere is there information about the details of the site itself. Can there be trust in the site on which spam and advertising endlessly jumps out? At the development of the site, a minimum of funds was spent, which is why they immediately raise doubts.


The truth is right before our eyes!

Now pay attention to the design. The line that we can notice in the lower left corner of the site with the Bitcoin Code says that for registration there is very little time. The amount of vacancies is rapidly decreasing, and you should hurry up to have time to register in the system. Such a move causes a person to feel the need to take action right now. At the same time during registration, you must specify personal information. Thus, they fall into the hands of the fraudsters, and later they will receive the funds that you invest in the crypto currency.

In the lower right corner, you can see that a certain person has just earned a fairly large amount. This sign is constantly replaced by new users, which allegedly gives you to understand that by registering now, you will immediately receive $ 300. But this is another trick of crooks.


Once you find a similar site, remember that most of trading systems are dishonest. These trading platforms are made for the sole purpose – to steal as much as possible from the investments of users. You should understand that in most cases you connect with fake brokers whose purpose is to get the maximum revenue. When you create a deposit, they transfer money to their account. Then they simply delete their site, after which you will not have chance to return your money back.

Trade is not just a game, and there is no trading platform, which can make a big profit in a short time without any effort. If you become acquainted with any trading system of this kind that promises you untold wealth tomorrow, immediately close it.

Also, we often meet videos with comments from people who allegedly use this system. On the video, we meet only happy faces, and this is simply acting. Such people earn positive feedback about Bitcoin. Every novice trader and user of binary option robot systems can easily fall into this trap.

That was all we wanted to tell you about scammers in the network in our robot review. To date, many novice traders can easily become victims of fraud, so you should always be on the alert. There are too many versions of option robot demo websites. You should only use proven and safe systems. For example, Crypto Genius, where in practice there is not a single case of theft or deception. Another optional network – there is a platform that will help you in developing your income and investing. This is ToolsTrades “- Signals Trades system, a trading system with certain signals that users will receive as soon as there is a profitable offer. The system is designed to calculate with high statistical accuracy on what trends are worth betting. Do not trust every network broker. It may end up in a sad way.

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