Our future with 5G

Not so long ago I have been asked a question about 5G wireless. In this article, I will talk about its advantages and differences from the 4G connection.

There is going to be an auction soon launched by the US Federal Communications Commission, which is going to sell out a bunch of licenses for 5G delivering wireless airwaves.

5G will work a lot faster than any existing connections today.

However, its speed isn’t its only advantage. 5G networks will have a more stable signal which will eventually make them work and respond faster than the other ones. This will also result in the ability to use a various number of devices on one network with no crushes in connection or latency. Latency means the period of waiting time between sending a request to a network and getting a response from it.

Its improvement will lead to the invention of such technological trends as self-driving vehicles and VR. It is obvious that at the minute we cannot predict which apps would appear after developing the 5G connection, just like we could have never thought of using services like Uber or Facebook Live on our devices.

However, we can still see the emerge of some of the apps working on the 5G network today. These are some of them.

A distant surgery: This kind of surgery has already been being practised, but the invention of 5G will make it easier for both health care system and doctors’ training.

Scientists from the King’s College in London are already working on the creation of 5G-compatible prototypes of touch-sensitive gloves connected to robots.

Self-driving vehicles: The newest generation of networks would make car driving easier due to cars ability to exchange some important information like its speed, directions and locations. This type of conversation being called V2V would save millions of lives in our nearest future. Using it cars would realize before the drivers would, when to stop and where to turn the vehicle, would know faster about the approaching accidents.

Drones: Technological progress would go so far ahead that it would allow drones to zoom above our head without incident.

VR: Making an unforgettable virtual experience demands movement of a huge amount of data through a wireless network. For it to happen such a network should be extremely fast and able to fit such an amount of data in it which would turn out to be a 5G network.

Bottom line: such amazing technologies developing because of 5G can truly become our soon future. Prepare to be stunned.

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