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Avoiding Scam Websites: Tricks of Deceivers on the Internet at the example of “Profits every day app”

Probably everyone who has already looked for ways of passive income or simply online income has seen sites, where big sums of money are being promised for free, without you putting any effort into it. As nice and tempting as this sounds, you should be very careful with sites like that because very likely are a scam. There you will be tricked and instead of earning money will only lose yours.

Today we will show you the site “Profits every day” ( and explain how they try to trick you.

According to the video on the site, “Profits every day” was founded by some trader called Richard Banks. He claims to have created a trading software which tracks patterns in the world’s financial markets and on complete autopilot generates $10.000 a day. With this algorithm Banks claims to have earned already over $5.000.000.

Questions the site is raising

Usually, scam sites present similar technologies, loopholes in the world markets giving users great amounts of money without putting a finger to work.

This already should make you suspicious. But also beginning traders or people knowing nothing about trading, who are the main target group and prey of scammers, can identify them easily. If you think logically you should ask yourself following questions:

  1. Why would someone share a software like this?

In the world we are living in no one would share such a powerful tool.

  1. Why would someone share such software with strangers rather than with friends, family or colleagues? The probability that it would be given strangers is minimalistic. There is just no reason for him doing that.
  2. Why is the creator sharing his tool for free?

Wanting people to pay for this software would be a great chance for the original owner to earn even more money.

And don’t forget the luxurious life is expensive.

  1. If this was such a successful tool, why nobody on the Internet is talking about it? Why doesn’t everybody know it if it generates $10.000 a day?

Ask the people on the street, I’m sure nobody knows anything about this site.

  1. If only 20 people will get access to the software, why has nobody signed up yet?

If this was a successful software, none of the 20 free places would be left within minutes. But here you can check tomorrow or next week, there still will a possibility to sign up.

The reason for that is that the scammer wants you to react quickly without thinking or noticing the suspicious moments. And that is exactly what the fear of losing your possibility to sign up does. If you gave away your chance to access the software, the too tempting offer would be gone. And you would never know if this was a given away ticket for a better life. So you rather sign up fast, without thinking.

But at this point, we have to admit, that the questions above are only assumptions and no real proof. We can’t give real evidence because I haven’t signed up on the site.

Our mission is to warn you and to try to stop you from signing up on that site, as we are certain that the website is a scam.

We will give more to think about and more reasons to be suspicious.

Looking closely at how the page is made

At the very beginning, our attention is drawn to a video. A nice man is explaining everything, helping a random person and giving advice to the other users.

The viewer should believe that everything shown is true and will happen to him in a similar way if he signs up.

But in fact, they just want you to invest money, which of course will be lost after that. Calling the software free is merely a trick to attract more potential clients. In fact, you have to pay $250 to gain access to the software.

Watching the video carefully you will notice one more interesting detail. The program is not being shown working at any time. We only see screenshots of the income page and of the homepage. But when registering, logging in or simply opening the page containing the income, the screen is turned towards Richard, resulting in us not seeing what is being done there. This raises the question if there is a software at all.

Although Mr Banks said daily income would be at least $10.000 all numbers shown on the page lie beneath 10.000. How can you now trust the site if the income is beneath the promised one? There simply is no warranty anymore that something here is true or trustworthy.

At the bottom of the page, you see alleged reviews of the page on Facebook. After looking closer at them and later not finding the shown people on Facebook, you will understand that these reviews are fake ones. That is another trick to irritate potential clients by making them believe that many people have been successful with the software. But in reality, these people don’t exist and the reviews are only made up.

Many suspicious moments – Be careful!

More than once hidden tricks on this site are used to get you to follow the offer. They have to raise your suspicion towards this page and should be enough to be certain of a scam following the signing up. So we highly recommend you not to use this site because a loss of money is as good as guaranteed.

Now that you know what to look for on sites where money is involved, and what tricks scammers use, try to avoid similar sites. Be careful and watch out for scammers! Share this article to warn others.

Our recommendation

Use trusted and tested systems instead of sites like this one. You will benefit from it and your money will be safe.

We would highly recommend “ToolsTrade”, a signals trading system, for example. You will be working with a transparent and legitimate trading system with no danger of losing your money.

“ToolsTrade” predicts with a very high statistical accuracy all upcoming trends, which makes trading a lot easier. You still have full control over all your money and additionally know exactly what to do with it, where to invest it, to reach the highest possible profit.

So let’s try out “ToolsTrade”, the signals trading system – a fully safe alternative to all scam sites!


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