Promos Finance – a New Type of Great Earnings or a Scam?

Nowadays everyone can have an access to cryptocurrencies and there are many tools to buy them or increase one’s earnings through the Internet. However, be careful – not every site that promises you a huge profit can be trustworthy and deserve your attention. We suggest you use verified systems and not to fall among thieves and to get ripped off.

Especially be careful if you have just begun to explore online trading or crypto trading. Keep in mind that crypto trading works in the similar way that regular online trading does. It means that it also allows people to earn money on making deals and buying cryptocurrencies online. If you bet correctly, then you get profit. Everything you need is some knowledge of mathematics, logic and desire to follow the world’s economy, news and events. And, of course, you have to know how to deal with risks.

2017-2018 years have been distinguished by a huge popularity and growth of cryptocurrencies’ value. It would be rather difficult to find a young person who has not heard about Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, the crypto market is still under development and no doubts we will hear a lot about its further growth and evolution. Even Venezuela has launched its own cryptocurrency, which is oil-backed (“petro” they call it).

However, as the interest to cryptocurrencies is growing, there are people appearing who are eager to earn “easy” money on those who are just entering the crypto market. They create fake systems, called SCAM, in order to take people’s money without giving any profit. Just keep your eyes wide open!

Revealing the Charlatans

Some people think that adding a sign of Bitcoin to their site will give them a reliable basis and background. When I drop upon such sites like I am just wondering whether people are really giving credit to them. The heading of the site says, “Trade BITCOIN and CRYPTOS with Leverage”. Ok, let us try.

The front page is dressed up with a quotation of some Eric Tomadi, whom I couldn’t find on Internet through Google. So we just have to believe that this site is “a platform where you can trade 1 Bitcoin with only 25€”. Whereas in contrast, 1 Bitcoin equals almost 7000 USD at the world market these days… Is it worth to believe you, Eric Tomadi? If it is so easy and profitable, Eric Tomadi, why do you try to cheat people and get their hard-earned money?

The front page also provides a registration form, which has not worked for me with three different telephone numbers from three different countries. Maybe, you will be luckier, but I would not advise you to be registered on this site. Just look at the bottom of the page and you will find some fake buttons of the global payment and cybersecurity platforms. No links, just black and white JPEG images of the logos…

Last but not least, we find the part “Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy”. I cannot believe my eyes, the hyperlinks work and the Website Agreement is available for examination.

The article “Description of services” describes a lot of interesting things. For example:

So, Eric Tomadi at the front page was talking about some third party’s trading system, not Promos Finance… So what are we still doing on this site?!

As below in the same article, we find one more interesting provision of the Agreement stating that everything mentioned on is used fictitiously. Consequently, Eric Tomadi is just a fiction… Actually, they admit and profess that everything shown on their site is just for illustration purpose. No real people, no real facts, no real information… So, how can it be possible to make real money with such an unreal platform?!

The part of the site, which is called “Risk Disclaimer”, waives any responsibility from “due to the high-risk nature of trading”…

The creators of the site “kindly” suggest us to use the services of an independent financial advisor or broker. Guys, do you really think that a person who has a possibility to be consulted by a financial representative will use such a weird platform like yours to speculate on stock exchange trying to earn some money?! Make a long story short, while using this platform (if you still decide to try it) do not make any decision upon the information it provides since there is no any guaranty that it is correct and accurate.

Therefore, the site of Promos Finance does not have any credibility at all; there is no information what the platform it is and how it works. I have made a little research on the Internet about this platform and there is no information at all – neither any reviews nor any description. Then, think twice before you share your phone number and e-mail address with the site, which does not bear any responsibility. Moreover, just keep in mind that while trading you always have to deal with volatility, market swings and liquidity; and it is really enough to make your brains busy, so choose the right platform in order not to have an additional risk with scam programs.

Our Recommendation

Actually, if you really want to start an engaging journey to the world of global finance and investments, there are many legitimate applications, which can be used for getting profit. A bit of qualitative research and you will obviously find the platform that will work for you. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, have a look at real people’s reviews, think through and study the pros and cons. It is your own money and does not forget that there always can be someone who has half a mind to take it from you.

From our perspective, we can also recommend you to have a look at Signals Trades, which is not a scam site like It is safe and it is actually working to all intents and purposes. What is more important, it is a legal trading system, which is transparent to its users. By using recommended Signals Trades you will maintain the full control over your investments and retain the right to make investment decisions. Take advantage of the verified platforms and earn real money!


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