QProfit System Review: earn your profits today?

Thank you for attending our webpage. Today we are going to tell you about one more trading system – the QProfit System, and why it is just another scam software.

First, what are trading systems? If you are beginner in this field, then you should know that a trading system is a group of specific parameters that unite to create sell and buy signals for a guaranteed security. If you go on and learn some facts about them, you will make out some fascinating things, e.g. it is a well-known fact that today an online profit system consisted of activities with deals and currencies that is profitable for both traders and investors is called trading, however, this short analysis is not about the profit review. The review is about a thing you should beware of if you decide to use any of trading systems. This thing is called a scam and it is a system that appears almost everywhere and that system is unfortunately fake as it is created only to get people’s money without giving them any benefits or profits in exchange. Now, let’s make a review of one scam software that is becoming more and more popular nowadays.

What is the QProfit System

We will begin with the website. If you visit the site of this software (https://qprofitsystem.com/), the first thing you will notice there is a video, where Jerry Douglas, who is the founder of the QP system, is explaining to people, who have visited the page for the first time, things from who is he to some benefits which people can get from using his system. After the founder’s self-representation and sharing some facts from history of his software, Jerry Douglas is telling us what the QP System is about.

According to Jerry Douglas’s definition, the QProfit System is «a complex combination of big data analysis and a quantum speed technology which is able to predict future market movements with an astonishing accuracy and is fully capable of generating unmatched results. » In addition, Jerry Douglas says that users don’t have to be well experienced, have knowledge or skills in any field.

So, it is considered to be an online free trading system for everyone from beginners to skilled traders with a small deposit and no risks. Can you believe it?


How does it work

The first thing you need if you’d like to use the system is your registration on the site, then you will be sent a letter with a special link for activation of your own account and it’s the only step that will be for free. The second thing is making a deposit of 250 dollars and then it is considered that you should only profit and withdraw. However, before we perform these operations, let’s talk a little about why you shouldn’t doubt about the fact that it’s just another ordinary scam.

Why we think the QProfit System is just another scam

Now, we’re going to give you some arguments for the reasons it’s a scam.

First of all, it seems too suspiciously that a person called Sasha Petroshenko, who was introduced by Mr. Douglas as his friend from college and a business partner, who used to be an employee of NASA, doesn’t exist in real life because there is no information about him. Nowhere at all. Of course, lots of us may think that some names of NASA employees are in secret, but why Jerry Douglas tells us the name of one former employee then? Moreover, the creator of this system, Jerry Gouglas, is just a made-up name: this man does not exist in reality, too, and the man in the video is just a paid actor. So, it would be reasonable to say that the team works opaquely, and the brokers, who, by the way, are not backed by any of companies, should not be trusted by anyone.

The second thing is that Jerry Douglas says about some things borrowed from NASA. Doesn’t it seem strange that such huge company, which is engaged in space, can be involved in any software’s work? Isn’t it absurdly that this profit system tries to show some support from companies like NASA? Honestly, it seems just like it is a good scam system for those who is a beginner in this financial sphere.

The third point is forged testimonials. In our opinion, these testimonials were created only to ensure that their system isn’t fake, although it’s because everyone can make something similar and everyone can notice that their testimonials look like usual stock pictures that don’t belong to reality in any point.


The forth fact is about using some pressure tactics on their website.

As you can see, there are some words that are marked out by color and by underlining, the red arrow makes us watch the video. The sentences are written in a special technique, so they motivate us to do what the team wants from us, e.g. to watch the video first.

After watching the video, it is offered to register there immediately (obtrusively a little, isn’t it?), because there are only 50 spots available for ordinary people today and the only risk is allegedly that you have many doubts and so you won’t be able to become one of those 50 people who may earn money without investments.

If you want to leave the website, there will appear this prevention:

So, we guess these guys just know how to scam the system very well.

To sum up…

In conclusion, it would be reasonable to say that the QProfit System is just another scam and you’ll definitely waste both money and time if you decide to use this software, that’s why we don’t recommend you using it.

Fortunately, we can advise you to check out “ToolsTrades”- Signals Trades system. It’s not a scam site like QProfit System, Quantum Code, etc. It’s a legitimate trading system, which is absolutely transparent to its users. One more benefit is that the usage of recommended Signals Trade will maintain you full control over your investments and you will retain the right to make your investment decisions.


So, in conclusion, I’d like to say that no matter how well-presented the site looks, be vigilant and considerate as there are a lot of really good scam systems, trust only those sources that are checked by many people. We hope that this review will be helpful for you to understand more about trade systems, enjoy your experience and be careful.

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