Alarming facts about TeamFX

Hello there, for all those who wish to earn a fortune in the Forex market, we bring honest and thorough reviews of the companies playing the roles of brokers for the new and existing traders. This review of TeamFx is completely reliable and has been put up after doing an extensive research on their website and operations. We only ask you to be extra cautious when investing your hard earned money with such companies as TeamFx. Do read the full article to know everything about this fairly new broker before you go forward to work with them.

Company origin and regulations

Incorporated in March, 2019, TeamFX is quite a new broker on the market. This 3 months old company has literally just opened and is based out of Great Britain. Their office is located in Southampton, but its address has been changed twice since they have begun to operate. As per Global roaster, they have currently only one active director.

Their business activity can be described as information technology consultancy. As they are based out of Great Britain, they are supposed to be regulated by the FCA, however currently, there website provides no such information.

Team FX services and website features

They claim that their motto is to make trading easy for the traders and they do offer a lot of services for “lazy” trading that can help them fulfill their goal. However, none of these services is available for free, not even for the first timers.

They offer an On-line course for beginner traders which costs around 300 pounds. They help the traders with signals and alerts and do the mentoring for only 60 pounds per month. The most important tool for traders, Market Daily Analysis, is available at 80 pounds per month with Team FX. This seems to be a fair deal if you are an active trader and already know how much you can make from your trading per month. But for a beginner, it can be a bit expensive.

Platforms and account types

Team FX offers basic Meta trader 4 to use online and it is also available for downloads. You can use it on your PC, Android or I-phone.

They suggest you to open an account with their selected broker which is BDSWISS. As per the information provided on their website, the broker does have few regulators and banks as partners, including Deutsche Bundesbank, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), etc.

After the completion of all registration formalities, Team FX suggests you to invest between 200 pounds and 1000 pounds which has been recommended as the best return option. This is the only selection of accounts that they offer. Also, they do not offer any Demo account.

Additional Thoughts

Along with all other sign-ups and offers, Team FX provides an additional offer to their traders which asks them to sign up for their trading signals. This means that the teams at TeamFX will make analysis for the traders and tell them when to place their order. Though the offer does look good at a first glance but this service is also not offered for free. Additionally, these experts that are claimed to be providing the traders with correct analysis before placing the order cannot be trusted fully.

Furthermore, their feedback section shows their clients from all over the world sharing their profits for everyone. But there are few strange details about those feedbacks. First of all, they are just screenshots of WhatsApp and Telegram chats of some random people, whose faces are not shown. And secondly, no real trader would just share their profit details on any online platform. Experienced traders would know this.

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