Review: John McAfee – the legend of cyber security, facts of his life

John McAfee is the personality that we can call an enigma. This man built the company, which is now considered among the largest on the globe. After that side of his life, what happened, has been the reason why he is a legendary person. Once upon a time, when he used to live in Belize, the police caught him with the drug distribution, as well as other law-contradicting activities, but it is not the whole and the main story. The review about John McAfee: from what he used to be to what he actually is, putting in the middle several facts that characterized him in the past too. Believe us, it’s a worthy story. So, let’s start.

First years of his biography

Mr. McAfee is of British origin, his birth dates 1940s. But then, being him already a teenager, he moved together with his father, mother in Roanoke, which is located in Virginia, the United States of America. About his young hood, it was, should I say, very hard:

  • First of all, because his father, whose job was to survey the streets, was very alcohol-addicted.
  • At the age of fifteen, John survived something terrible: suicide of his father.

It’s the thing making McAfee feel the hard state of spirit every day.

When John McAfee began his studies…

The young man went to the college in the town he lived in, where he began his consumption of the alcohol. Was it inherited from his father, or it was related to his own personality – we don’t know. And, probably, we will never discover it. But, on the other hand, one thing was sure. He was a quiet successful entrepreneur. His first business, which, according to him, gave quiet a satisfactory profit, was distributing magazines in the way we call “from door to door”.

Beginning of the career

His first employment concerned the society producing electronic card systems. It was in the end of 1960’s. At this enterprise, he acquired the basic knowledge of computer systems. Did he know, that he would be a real legend of digital security? Probably, he did, probably not. By using the new knowledge, he got a job at MPR, helping this society to discover and, after this, to use a new IBM computing system, designated to coordinate railway timetables.

McAfee becomes more and more adult

Working for MPR, McAfee started to consume hard drugs. Once he bought a bag full of drug substances. As people say, after one portion John didn’t feel enough satisfaction, so consumed all the package. But the conciseness became broken, he ran on the street, becoming really mad:

  • he couldn’t get the people’s questions.
  • the computing system created a chaos with the schedules, and he couldn’t do anything with it.
  • -his madness ended in suburb where he was heard voices around him and having the hope that nobody bserves him.

Sometimes he still believes that everything that happened after, is a pure hallucination. In anyway, he stopped his employment for the company.

Silicon Valley

The programmer joined the scientific center at the beginning of 1970s. He had several jobs, including the participation at NASA projects. And he still wasn’t avoiding the abuse of alcohol and drug. This continued until the year 1983. At that time, working for the enterprise Omex, under the pressure of routine, he drank a liter of whisky, and finally came to admit it: he feels lonely and unhappy and urgently needs support.

Time to start the own business

Lockeheed was among the enterprises McAfee worked for in 80s. Computers were rather a rarity in the time. One of the computers was infected in 1986. John read some literature about the programs fighting virus. Suddenly, he got the idea of creating his own enterprise, producing such kind of product. I should say, the idea was a successful one. Already by the end of the years 1980s the profit overpassed the amount of $5 mln per year. As well as the biggest companies of the world were among McAfee clients.

Increase of success

The turnover of the company rise in the years 1990s, especially due to the fact that the malicious software Michelangelo appeared in 92. McAfee immediately claimed it the most dangerous in the globe and estimated the amounts of computer to be affected in 5 millions. Because of the promising and attractive activity of the company, many people began to by anti-virus software. But already in 1994 Mr. McAfee claimed the resignation. Then, two years later, he got rid of his share, having gained $100 million for it.

After having left the society

Following the resignation, John McAfee didn’t stop his work activity, he acted since as an advisor for start-ups, gave lectures at Stanford Graduate School of Business, and also tried to create some own projects. In particular, he made an effort to create two social networks, but none was successful. The world crisis, having touched everybody in 2008, didn’t leave apart Mr. McAfee: the wealth diminished from $100 to $4 million…

New idea

When the first decency of the 21st century came to its end, John McAfee took decision to go away from his country and leave for Belize. He has intention to work with microbiology. He hoped, with the assistance of the famous scientist he could produce a drug which will combat the existing diseases. The enterprise’s name was Quorumex. Nevertheless, the things went wrong. He got the impression to be observed and spied always. He frequently visited a bar, and observed people. It became an obsession for him. When in 2012 his friend was killed, he was asked by the Belizean government. Then McAfee went away. But he didn’t find peace. He was took in Guatemala because of the absence of permission to enter into the country. It can be related to the fact that Vice posted the photos with coordinates in relation with John. When being detained, McAfee suffered several heart attacks, then, finally, he was deported to the US. After that, McAfee became the person number one in the media space. He published strange videos, such as how to get rid of McAfee Security, or spots with criminal elements.

After all this, Mr. McAfee came to Oregon, and now lives there, as it is reported. Her remains an opened personality. He conducts his blog, where he writes article about computers, privacy and cybersecurity. This person had not a normal life, which can seem wild even. But still don’t forget his merit to the world of IT security. I think that the review about John MacAfee was quite useful for young and old people.

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