Robinhood is only in the movies, the Robinhood App Review

At the end of 2016, a unique high-tech investment platform appeared on the Internet, providing an opportunity for high-income earnings with only a few spendings and zero commission. The company is positioning itself as a pioneer of free trading with only on-line base structure and minimum real employees. They do plan to expand their territories though and give more work space, as their growth is significant.
Robinhood – is an investment app working with stocks through trading. Those who already familiar with trading know how convenient and easy it is to operate through investment apps and bring income to the wallets. For those who are not familiar with it get great opportunity to get to know it and install this application on your PC, smartphone or tablet. And even better to all places at once, as it is very easy to install. One app works simultaneously on all devices.
You can trade in Robinhood app with a minimum amount of $ 10 on your account and the registration is available if you are 18 years old.
The following EPS are available for trading:

  • Publicly traded stocks or ETFs;
  • You can also buy and sell options.

Contributions can be made not only in dollars but also in euros. No more than two active deposits can be opened simultaneously.
The withdrawal of profits from the platform occurs automatically in a few moments after you submit a request.
The growth of Robinhood investment app
Robinhood, a free stock trading application, raised $ 363 million during new investment round with a company valued $ 5.6 billion.
Absolutely free high-tech company founded three years ago was able to overtake Wall Street brokerage companies that earned with their trade commissions. Last year, the Robinhood app doubled the number of brokerage accounts for 4 million, exceeding the figures of E * Trade, which has only 3.7 million.
The reasons for the growth were launches of new technological products since November last year, including the web version of the Robinhood trading app, commission-free options for trading and, most importantly, broadcast trading. Robinhood implemented all this with less than 200 full-time employees.
The Robinhood app was released in February and is currently available in 10 US states (by the end of this year, expected to operate throughout the country). For the time being, Coinbase, with more than 20 million customers, remains the most popular out of the best investment apps. The Robinhood’s CEO is sure that it will soon become its direct competitor or even a leader in this field.
Robinhood, because it is working without any commissions, goes favourably with competitors. The company (which does not disclose income data) earns with Robinhood Gold status (this is a service with premium features such as margin trading and extended market hours), as well as through the collection of interest on deposits. According to its creators, this profit allows the company to “offer free trading.”
Despite losing huge potential earnings on commissions, Robinhood app will stick with its current strategy. Today, there are $ 150 billion in transactions on the platform, and investors have saved more than $ 1 billion in commissions, which they would have to pay elsewhere.
Features of Robinhood project that make it look better for investors and also some of its cons
As every young project, Robinhood certainly has its pros and cons. To help you get a better overview of this investment app, we will list them below. So the main advantages of this app would be the following:

  • It captures a lot of attention, as it is absolutely free;
  • It allows you to invest in Stocks, ETFs and Options;
  • Their minimum account balance is $0, and the commission is also $0;
  • It has a very simple interface, which makes it best and easy investment app for beginners
  • They allow you to take the whole trading process in your hands from the very beginning – it is important if you like to see what’s going on with your account all the time
  • The Robinhood app is very good for beginners as they can start with $10 account and they can use their own strategies here – all the options are open and easy to use.

And here are some things you might consider as cons of this app:

  1. One of the features, that makes this platform better for beginners, is what makes it a little less attractive for experienced investors – it is pretty basic. For any investor out there that are doing a lot of research, you gonna be extremely limited by this platform.
  2. Their informative value is pretty low. So what you will be doing as an experienced trader, you gonna need to do your research and gather information on the stocks from other resources. Basically, you will be using Robinhood only to buy and sell stocks. The maximum you will find here is an exchange rate for bitcoin and some other currencies.
  3. Robinhood app does not offer mutual funds. So if you are looking for this kind of investment, you will not find it here. There would be also no partial funds available here.
  4. They do not have retirement accounts. And here not everyone would understand, how this is a con. But the thing is some of the retirement accounts would allow you to trade with taxes sheltered, while with the regular broker account, you need to pay the full amount.

It is a pleasure to invest with the Robinhood app since all actions happen instantly. It is worth making a deposit once and after you can withdraw the profit from the phone by pressing just a couple of buttons.
This investment app offers you to try yourself first with a free account and then if you are feeling comfortable, purchase Robinhood Gold status with the full amount of convenient options for experienced traders. The whole difficulty of such investments is the choice of the right stocks, trading with will allow you to earn a profit. Robinhood app can work very well. There is no massive advertising of this investment app for the beginners and it is absolutely free so this can play on your side pretty well if you are just starting with trading.

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