Safe Income – This is a pure rubbery! Scam review 2019

Once again, we put our armor to protect you from those scams that we find in the sector of binary options. Every day there are more scams and swindles which we dealing with. They give us a job, because we have to test them, investigate them and see how far these platforms can reach.

And for you they are a constant threat and we know that many of you have lost your money. We are committed to discovering these frauds, to punish them and to stop them from making money from you. One by one we will make sure that they all fall under the sharp edge of our sword.
And today our scam is Safe Income, a binary options platform that deserves to be punished for the damage it has done.

Avoid Safe Income scam software at all costs

The only thing we can see on the screen is a background and there is no way to go from there if we do not make one between two options: identify if we are already registered (you would like it!) Or register as a new user. To convince us they tell us that it is “free”. And there is also a mention of a “magical” YouTube video where we can learn to earn € 320 in a single hour using this website.
We, who are brave but tricky, created an email account that we use as “cannon fodder” to deal with all these scammers, and registered in Safe In come. And thus we are able to make our research, but it is not something that we recommend you to repeat. Leave it to the professionals, we know how to screw up and get out unscathed…

What does this binary options platform offer?

When we register in the service, they propose us to make a first deposit and that is how we start working with Safe Income scam software, which is not bad if you know the platform. Once we enter we can see the menu of graphics and alerts that inform us in real time.

But do not believe anything you see or what you read, the results do not become positive and the only thing we can verify is that they suffer long-term losses that will not be recovered easily.
In addition, the page is available in several languages, but the little information that is provided to users is alarming. It seems as if they want to let us go to battle and we do what we see fit while we lose money.
In any case, due to the research we have done, we have seen that some time ago there was a certain amount of content on the page, with the photo of a guy changing his name every few months in order to prevent arouse suspicion among the visitors. In the end we suppose that they saw that putting the image of file and that type of content gave less reliability than nothing.
If you have a certain tour visiting this type of binary options fraudulent systems like this one, you can notice that the design of such platforms is the same template with different colors and pictures, are replicated through the Internet in many other cases. It looks like a clear copy of BinaryBotPro, which also follows the same operation.

This alert system can ruin your life instantly

We want to make special emphasis that, as we said before, there are many projects on the Internet that trying to profit by taking the place with clones of alert system. It is not worthwhile to trust any of them, because they are designed to end up hurting us or our wallet.
They are that kind of scams in binary options that do not even try to pretend and the worst of all is that there are a lot of initiatives of this style hanging around. We have decided to find all those that are making noise and getting ripped off users, because we do not want them to continue doing so.
So we not only encourage you to be careful with them, but if you have occasion, we ask you to also inform your acquaintances of how dangerous a website like Safe Income can be.
If you want to invest, it is necessary to rely on good tools. Scam systems like “Safe Income” are the worst.
The binary options market is a fantastic opportunity to introduce people who do not have investment experience. It is not demanding to the point of representing a challenge, since it is easy to integrate into the dynamics of doing operations without experience.
But it is true that if we want things to go better we always need a little help, a trading platform in which we can trust warnings, alerts and other details that suppose a point of support.
In those cases, we look for options in the network that can help us that are so kind to allow us to perform better operations or even to teach us everything there is to know about investment strategies in binary options, market opportunities or details to whom pay attention.
If you are looking for a good alternative to Digital Payday, we can offer you the Tools Trades signal system. This program will not make you instantly rich, but it could help you with cryptocurrency experience. This software works with a built-in statistical algorithm that will make accurate calculations with notifications for you so you can stay in touch with the market and make the best bets at the right time.

Such a bad experience will not stop you

And unfortunately the encounter with pages like Safe Income scam software only results in bad feelings being experienced, anger being produced and the image of binary options being affected.
Unfortunately, although there are many happy people investing in binary options, there are also a lot of people who regret having done, though. And the reason is the trust they have placed in services like this in which a lot of money they have invested they have never had a real chance of winning something.
From a bad experience like this, it is very difficult to recover and that person who has been spoiled has an interest in trusting binary options again. That is why we have to fight against scams like “Safe Income App”, because they are stealing interested users from binary options and the opportunity for this financial sector to continue growing as it has done in recent years.
No one should be left without the corresponding punishment if they are taking advantage of users to make an inadequate profit.

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