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Trading for beginners

If you are a beginner in trading or just curious, what trading is all about there are some useful thoughts that you might find below. First of all, let’s speak about what is trading. Trading is an activity, performed online on special platforms that allow you to enter the global currencies or commodities, or even bitcoin markets and predict either their price will go up or down. Experts recommend for the beginners to start with currencies such as EUR/USD or USD/JPY. And if you are trying your strength with cryptocurrencies, choose Bitcoin or Ethereum or Yota for example. In order to take the profit out if it, you need to buy or sell currency and watch it – if your prediction will win. So after it does you can take your profits or keep the money in and make another bet. It sounds very easy, isn’t it? But once you go deep into understanding this market you will find so many Bitcoin Scam and other currency trading scams.

But in reality, trading is actually taking a lot of work and studying. That is why almost all trading platforms are offering to the beginners to open their demo account and only after some time they recommend to invest. And there is no such a platform that would give you huge profits with you doing nothing – you would have to work for it. You would need to be watching the economic news daily and try to predict, what will happen on the market in order for you to make profits. Sometimes it actually takes the whole day and looks like a full-time job. But it does have a lot of advantages and you can really make great profits out of it.

The Bitcointrader – why it is a Bitcoin SCAM

So the below article will expose one more dangerous scam, called Bitcointrader. Here we will go through some curious details to make you understand, why this web page is a SCAM. But most importantly we will be giving you our recommendations on, which trading system is a better alternative to use for beginning traders. And which is the best and safe way to make your money online.

So let’s take a look at the web. The first thing that you will see here is a promise to become the next millionaire and that this system will make you reach very quickly.

The plot of this system is – they are the automatic trading program, where you need to invest your money and it will trade for you, so you can become a millionaire very fast. So just apply some common sense here. Do you really think that if Bitcointrader would be capable of making you a millionaire without you doing any work, it would be given away for free? Absolutely not! So when it comes to on-line SCAM common sense is what will help to define it.

The second thing that should give you an alert sign – there is absolutely no contact information about this company on the web page. Normally you would be looking for it on the bottom – the license details, address and contacts. But here you find just the copyrights.

If you look at their starting video, you will understand a smart move that this Bitcoin SCAM company is trying to do. They are using famous and reach people faces to attract your attention and all of them are speaking about bitcoin. This should give you an idea that Bitcointrader is very reliable. And this video basically is doing nothing but bringing your attention to the product.

Moving on with the evidence of Bitcointrader being a Bitcoin Scam, we must say a word about the reviews of their potential clients. So all stories, published on their website happened to be fake. Bitcoin itself is a very promising currency and we strongly believe in it. Bitcoin trader is trying to capitalize on people’s interest and make money on beginners who are just not aware of the market situation.

How do we know that? Actually all those pictures of so-called clients you can find and purchase online to use them on various websites. And this is how we can say that all those people are not real.

And more than that – the creators of this web page did even check the names and the pictures, so they match. Obviously, that Ernest is a male name.

So the fact that Bitcointrader cannot even provide us with real-life stories or testimonies of their clients’ success is very suspicious.

Going next – one interesting fact about the so-called security of the Bitcointrader web site. The symbols of antivirus and protection are located on their main page. But if you click on them, those are just the images, not actual links. And also for not advanced users of the internet, they might seem as a guaranty of the safety of their invested money. Which they are not.

And one of the biggest proofs that Bitcointrader is a Bitcoin SCAM goes right after you register on their trading platform. So after you get in, you get to the website of a trader, that allows you to enter with only $260 and you see that there is an organization, regulating the company’s activity. This organization is called PIPSEC. So what is the most outrages here is that there is no such an organization. The creators of Bitcointrader have created a website for the fake regulator, so you think that your money is safe with them, which they are obviously not.

The website doesn’t have any contacts either, and if you google the PIPSEC, you will find the warnings that this is a fake company.

Answering the FAQs Bitcointrader also made a big mistake that should be cutting your eye.

For a trader, it is absolutely impossible to make that much money within one day working only 20 minutes. Only if you have a huge company behind you and you are investing broker – then yes, maybe you will make that money if you are lucky. But for a regular trader, this is impossible to make.

Our recommendation for new traders

So after you have realized that Bitcointrader is a SCAM we would like to give you a safe and useful broker to trade with. This would be Tools Trader. The company itself is created as one more very important tool for you. It has various options to enter, safe and regulated process. And it gives you full control over your trading process. It is collecting the trading signals from the market and analyses them for you so you can make a right decision during the trading process. Tools Trader is something you want to try if you are a beginner and want to start making money very fast.

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