Selection of best Esports games in 2019

When you are just about to start new exciting way in the world of Esports games, it is hard to focus on games you like. Here we will be giving you our pick of Esports games that worth your attention. First of all because they are the best on their genre and has been driven a lot of gamers this year.

Call of Duty series: The game has been released in 2007 and started to win its positions right away. The community of gamer embraced it as it was one of the best known shooting strategies at the time. This has been the most competitive group of gamers playing it, the Championship has become a great every year tradition in few countries such as Australia and UK.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive: This game combines excitement of competition and adrenaline from good fight. They have their own championship called Finals and biggest prize they’ve raised from the sponsors has been around $4 million this year.

Starcraft 2: This great and challenging game exists for players since 2015. It has been excellent example of real time strategy throughout the years. As it has been embraced in North Korea, this is where the biggest tournaments are taking place this year with around $150000 prize pools for each.

Dota 2: This game used to be only a sequel to War Craft 3. Now it has earned the name of its own it is a multiplayer for teams of five people, trying to break each other’s structures. It has now become very popular and watchable Esports game. Dota 2 has earned right to be called one of the best ones of this kind after some significant Competitions in Asia with large prizes of millions of dollars.

League of Legends: It is now our number one for the best Esports games in the world. It was released in 2009 and has gained tremendous success. Game is focused on two teams trying to destroy each other’s structures and the fascinating features of magic universe. The LOL championship in 2009 has sold out the Staples arena in LA and this has given the game number one.

Esports games genres – a small guide

Speaking of types of Esports games there are few basic ones that anyone should know if he is planning to go into Esports betting. So here they are:

Real time strategy – RST

Game based on development of the territory, limited by the map. A player must create best army and gather the most resources on the map; he is located together with other players. So the most developed player wins.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Game has in its aim to put together two or more teams in closed space in order for them to destroy the structures of each other and kill each other as well. So the one with less destruction of their property wins.

First shooter

Those games, as you can see from the name are for those who love shooting and playing alone. For one gamer – game is created to kill as many enemies as you can and stay alive.

Sports games

All kinds of sports can be here. And those can be both team and single games. Basketball, football, baseball, golf – here are just some of those games.

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