Semantic Investment App – A simple scam project

First of all to distinguish scammers you should look at their website and see how it is created. If a professional trader or programmer look at Semantic Investment App website, he would say that it is scam 100%. It is a one-page website is bright colours. Bright colours are the first sign of any website, that tries to attract users’ attention to some information.

Here such information is a video on the main page.

The video itself promises you learning some secrets, that can help you earn huge amounts of money. The video is made very simply, it is just an empty text on the grey background without any explaining information about how it works. It convinces you to register on their website and make a deposit, becoming their member, promising you enormous profits.

Such promises are everywhere on their website. It is a scammer’s trick, which tries to make you sure, that it is possible to get money here.

On the first page of the video we can see a rich man, who creates an image of success of all users of Semantic Investment App. It is also a popular psychological method, used by scammers to convince you better and make you give your money.

At the top, there is a promise, that you will get a huge money through their program. It is written in big letters and bright colours. It means that everything on this website is aimed at attracting attention in order to get your money.

You should keep away from any project, which tells you that you will earn thousands of dollars instantly. In most cases, these are scammers who try to get your money through their “secret methods”.

Right after the video goes a registration part. It is also made in very bright colours, and it has a really big size to attract more attention, and to make users register faster without thinking.

The registration here is also unusual. There are no login or password, only email. If you enter email here, your address will be sent to a base of email addresses for scammers and from now on you will get a lot amount of spam about similar projects to your email. After you enter your email, you get a letter with “instruction” on how to earn money, also there is the same video in this letter. The letter sends you to registration at the scammers’ project. After you register at them, you have to make a deposit and then, as it is said, the system will automatically bring you profits. Any automatic way of earning money on the internet is a scam because no one would share such “secret methods of getting profit”.

Under the “Get Started” button is written: “No credit card required to get your free Semantic Investment App”. When you register somewhere with the help of your credit card, you write your personal data and any registration with credit card is officially confirmed. But here if no credit card required, your registration is not confirmed and if you lose your money, you won’t be able to get them back with the help of your bank. When you make a deposit, you make a transaction to an individual. It is another sign of scammers – they want to prevent themselves from any banking responsibility.

Lower the same button there are signs of there controlling companies. Such trick creates an image, that scammers’ program is licensed and officially approved, but it is just an image. The signs themselves are just pictures, that’s purpose is Semantic Investment App also to convince users of their honesty.

You should also look at the warning at the lower side of the first page. It says, that registration will be closed in some time, but if we wait this time nothing will happen. The times stops on number two. Such trick is used by scammers and it’s purpose to make inattentive users not to think about it much time and register faster.

Lover goes reviews of different people about Semantic Investment App:

Of course, there are no proofs if these people really exist. But they all thank Semantic Investment App for bringing huge profits. Such method shows examples of young and successful people, who got their cash with the help of Semantic Investment App. It is used by scammers to convince users, that it is possible to earn money through their system.

One of the most noticeable features of the scam website is the absence of licenses. No one should trust any project, that promises you enormous profits if there are no proved licenses or any other proofs, that project is honest and really brings profits.

Also, the owners of the website do not explain how their system work, they only tell, that it brings real profit. They just ask you to make a deposit and you get your income, sounds like a magic, or a scam program.

Number of reasons, proving it is a scam

There are many features and tricks of scammers in Semantic Investment App. They are:

  • One-paged website with a lot of bright colours and little information;
  • Promises about huge profits everywhere to convince their users;
  • Simple video, that asks you just to register and you get huge money from nothing;
  • Big bright register buttons, that make users register faster;
  • Fake symbols of controlling organizations;
  • A timer of spots, left before the registration is closed;
  • Fake reviews, showing young and rich people, who became so with the help of Semantic Investment App.

Advises for traders

At the conclusion, we want to warn you not to get caught by scammers and not to lose your hard earned money. Systems, that bring enormous profits in a short time do not exist. Scam programs, like Semantic Investment App, are often created in many copies with different names and are used only to take your earnings.

Always check details of the program, you want to use, and always make sure, that your broker or other financial project is legal and has no features of scammers.

As a real licensed financial system we can recommend Signals Trades is not a scam website like Semantic Investment App, it’s an honest trading system that is transparent to its users and it really gives you chance to earn good money. Using the recommended Signals Trade you maintain full control over your investments and retain the right to make investment decisions.

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