Is Smart Money System a SCAM? BitFxDaily’s review

Smart Money System is a fraudulent platform that tries to trick us by believing that we are going to earn thousands of dollars if we invest in Bitcoin using its software. We have not believed it and for that reason, we are going to reveal all the lies that they tell us.

The truth is that today, we have a large number of platforms similar to Smart Money System where we are promised miraculous tools with which we can get rich in a short time. It’s a lie!

At the moment that we have started to investigate the Smart Money System platform, the deceptions come out on their own and that is, simply by looking for some information about the support, we already know that it is not very reliable.

Because more and more platforms of this type are appearing, today we want you to know perfectly all the tricks and resources that Smart Money System uses to try to rip us off. These people have no limits and do whatever it takes to leave us with empty pockets.

Is Smart Money System a Scam software?


What is Smart Money System? We’ll tell you what it is not… SmartMoneySystem is NOT a reliable platform, but this is not something that we say, it is seen at first glance once we enter their website. In the following points we will detail why we think that this software is a scam.

When we are looking for a platform to check out, one of the first things that we must carry out is to investigate, as much as we can, is to try find out the maximum number of data on the support.

In this sense, the usual thing is that the platform itself, on its website that offers us the information that we need to know, however, for more returns we have given in the SmartMoney System portal, nothing appears in this regard.

Now all this starts to smell suspicious since the media that are legal and safe do not give us problems so we can consult their data.

Even so, we do not stop trying, we want to get some information about this platform, for this reason, we start researching the Internet and visiting reputable financial pages, in case we can get something clear.

The typical resources to deceive us

Now that we know there is no information about SmartMoney System, we continue with our analysis because we want to unmask these impostors. We return to the website of the platform and we realize that they use multiple fraudulent resources to try to deceive us.

Sure you sound the videos of presentation, the messages with nonexistent promises or even the typical markers to make us believe that the support is used by everyone. A string of lies that there is no where to catch them.

If we had to make a quick judgment about SmartMoney System, we would have it quite clear, it is a total scam, but to further corroborate this idea, in the following sections, we will show you in more detail, all the resources that this support uses to swindle us and so you will realize right away why we say it is a true fraud.

Once we have entered the Smart Money System website, the first thing we find is the typical video where we are supposed to explain the operation of this system.

But we have taken a surprise when we have given the play and appears a sequence of informative news from CNN, do they also have a hand in the media? Not at all, do not believe any of this.

In fact, the images are true, but they have simply been taken from the broadcast itself or from the official channel of the medium in question.

Typical resources to swindle

Before finalizing, we will make a brief reference to other typical resources that we have found along the way. This type of tricks are spent to give credibility to the page and with it, try to convince us to deposit on your platform.


  • Security logos: in this case we have Norton Secured, BitGo, Secure trading and McAffe. If they were real, we could click on any of these images and they would send us to the official website, however, here we can not even click on them, so we know that it has been a copy and paste in full force.
  • Urgency markers: We find them in the upper right and supposedly informs us of the gains that users get in real time. The funny thing is that, if we refresh the web or close it and reopen it, the users are the same, they never change…
  • False promises: Yes, Smart Money System assures us an average profit of about 1,300 dollars a day and all without moving from home. But we already know that it is a false claim, it is practically impossible to get that money with everything that we have been told.

As we can see, a string of lies, tricks and tricks to try to earn our trust. Well, they have NOT got it!


Conclusions & Recommendations

Smart Money System is a fraudulent software that is available in the Bitcoin sector. It is an application that uses all possible resources to try to deceive us and also lacks a large number of tools and services that make it clear that it is not a reliable service.

For all that we have just told you, you must be clear that this platform is NOT safe. You must include it as soon as possible in your blacklist and look for an adequate service with which you are going to obtain many benefits.

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