Swiftcfd: Many people do not have enough information and they can fall into the trap

Many of you, including me, want to earn quickly and easily. But as they say, free cheese only in a mousetrap.

After considering this, so to speak, “legitimate” broker, I have matured article for suckers like me. Finish reading necessarily until the end of and then you simply say thank you. So, for starters, a bit of useful information.

In this article we will talk about offshore brokers today. Now it is very common and a lot of people do not have enough information fall into the trap set by scammers in this case, we will focus on such a broker as SwiftCFD https://swiftcfd.com/. After reading the article, you will understand why he is a fraud and why you should not contact him. I would like to make a reservation that this broker does not provide its services in regulated markets.

What is CFD?

CFD (persistent. Contract for the difference, CFD) – a contract for the difference in prices of various underlying assets. Most often these are assets traded on financial markets. To date, such contracts have been concluded for almost all exchange instruments.

In other words, CFD is a financial tool that allows you to trade assets such as shares of many large companies, as well as gold, oil, Nickel, cocoa and many others.

Who are CFD brokers?

CFD brokers are a kind of thread between the market and traders. In order to get to the financial market, you will need a special platform that is designed for trading jewellery.

And what CFD brokers differ from each other, and the fact that each of them has available tools, trading conditions, and of course each of them differs in the quality of their services. In fact, your choice of broker should be based primarily on your own preferences, but most importantly – do not forget about your safety.

Now the competition among brokers is very high. Therefore, very often the difference between them is almost not noticeable, and make a choice in favour of the company every day more and more difficult. However, if you spend a little time reading reviews or, so to speak, testing a particular broker, everything will be in place and you will understand whether you need to contact him or not, believe me, spending a little time, you thereby protect yourself. That is, the salvation of drowning is the work of drowning.

Now you know the basic information and approximately represent who are brokers and what kind of system it is. Now I’m starting to interview our broker.

Free system-is it so?

Founder SwiftCFD is Digital Worldwide (Estonia). SwiftCFD was founded in 2018, in November.

After your registration on the free website, you will open an account where you will have to make additional financial investments in the amount of 10 thousand dollars or more.

Advantages and disadvantages

Yes, SwiftCFD has quite a large list of trading instruments such as Lira, Krona (Danish, Norwegian), peso, ruble, rupee and so on. This is the only thing that can please you.

However, this is the only positive thing. After reading numerous comments about SwiftCFD reviews mildly not very good, he deceived a large number of people.

The MT4 platform does not work

Those who have ever been associated with brokers know such a platform as (MT4) Meta Trader, so here, SwiftCFD claims that it kind of supports such software, but in fact, I can say that it is complete nonsense. As soon as I tried to load the platform, the link just didn’t work (knocked out an error).

So I had to go the other way, I tried another trading platform that is based on websites.

Further, in order for you to be able to make transactions, your account must be at least five hundred dollars. This is robbery!!! While most other brokers this amount is at least two times less.

How does this Scam work?

Currently, there are so-called robot scammers, where you are guaranteed to promise scammers quickly and easily make a profit, and in return are asked to make financial investments in a small amount.

You, in turn, pass the authorization by filling out a fairly simple form, leave your email address and phone number. Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to a page where you will have to make financial investments (about $ 250).

When the time comes and you start to make your first transactions, do not rejoice much and do not be surprised that they will be profitable and successful (alas, this is not your merit). It’s just that your account is being manipulated by scammers.

In the next step, you will be called on the phone, it will be so to say like “your mentor”, who will explain to you that if you want to be successful and rich, then you definitely need to invest a lot more, well, say $ 10,000, and better more. And you, as a naive child, will work and invest in yourself, not knowing that you have already been deceived and you just suck the money.

And when it finally comes to you that SwiftCFD is a Scam and asked to return your money, you will be denied, referring to the fact that you have not fulfilled the requirements for the volume of the transaction with which you originally agreed.


So, what can be said in the end? Drawing conclusions from my investigation, can I say one thing: is the broker SwiftCFD legit? My answer is Definitely no, no and again no!! He’s blacklisted, and as you can see, he’s got a lot of complaints.

How about my SwiftCFD review and that I highly recommend you not contact this broker. Take care of yourself, your finances and nerves, because it is almost impossible to return them back.

I know many people wouldn’t mind making good money easily if they had the opportunity, but before contacting brokers, first, find out all about it, read the reviews and then make a decision.

Your business with legal brokers will save your capital as they have to comply with a number of financial rules that are mandatory. Be vigilant and in pursuit of easy money, you can lose much more than you. Before you throw money for free, it’s still good that you do not have to cry crocodile tears and bite your elbows that you were stranded. All you good and successful deals!

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