Terabit Trader is a scam and we can prove it! Actual review 2019

Terabit Trader is an automated system for investing in binary options that promises traders to earn the outrageous $ 25,000 a day. Those of you who are reading this will know that this is impossible.

Investments in binary options is a very lucrative activity that makes it possible to obtain profits relatively easily and in some cases, in a short time. This is one thing and what Terabit Trader promises is quite another.



Today there are many systems in the market to invest in binary (autotrading systems, signals, etc.). Some are reliable and allows you to make a profit but the vast majority is a complete fraud and this one that we are going to review today is one of them.

Since we have entered the Terabit Trader main page we have rubbed our hands, again we have an automatic software before us and we want to know how it works. So let’s not take it any longer and start dismantling this platform so they will not keep trying to rip people off with their false promises and tricks. Let’s go there!


First Test: Terabit Trader App video presentation

After we visited the Terabit Trader website, we saw the one thing that has caught our attention above the rest, nor is it for less considering that it is placed right in the middle of the screen.



It is a video, and it looks like it will be one of those presentations in which they tell us thousands of stories, and we do not know how long it will last or where it comes from, since we can not even see the player’s bar.

Well, among with this we started to suspect the Terabit Trader pretty quickly. Where did they get that video format? In the window, we can only see the Youtube logo, but we are not sure it is the true one.



Well, after this little reflection, let’s continue with our work, let’s see that wonderful movie. But another problem arises: where is the play? We did not find the button anywhere, is it another trick? Maybe yes, but the truth is that it is not clear to us with what purpose they have done that.

The case that we discovered that by clicking on the window of the Terabit Trader scam video is already playing, so that objective has been met. Let’s get further.

  • As always, the typical lies

Wow, just we expected, a lot of phrases and nonsense words that are supposed to match what a mysterious voice-over says. The guy seems up to believable in some moments, too bad they forgot to correct some spelling mistakes, what billionaire genius does not know or write in conditions?


People behind the Terabit Trader are real scammers


What really interests us is to hear the great story of our protagonist, it seems that it is a guy named Enrique Rodríguez, the typical financial expert who has managed to find the best formulas to become a millionaire and above is so good, he wants to share it with all of us.


Second Test: An exclusive and horrible offer

As soon as we start enjoying his fabulous presentation, Enrique Rodríguez tells us that if we are watching the video, then we are truly privileged and then we ask ourselves why.

The answer is simple. Not everyone is lucky enough to be part of Terabit Trader scam software, it is a very special platform, and only the VIP customers have access. In order to enter this community, we must have done it through an invitation from another trader or from Rodriguez himself.

The truth is that the big lie begins here, because we have not received anything from the mail nor have they knocked on our door to let us enjoy the advantages of Terabit Trader scam software. What invitation they are talking about? It does not exist, it’s false, it’s just a trick to catch us and make us believe that we are the luckiest uncles in the world.

But the thing is not there, the funny thing is that our dear Enrique invites us to make an account on the platform Terabit Trader as soon as possible, because what we are living at the moment is a super exclusive offer that has an expiration date.



In other words, Rodriguez assures us that this wonderful video can only be seen once in a lifetime and then it will be too late and we will lose the opportunity to be millionaires.

Of course we wanted to verify this statement and what has happened? Well, to think logically in such case, once we have closed the page and we have flown to open after a few minutes, the video was as we left it and we have been able to see it until the end.

What surprises us about all this is that Terabit Trader Application scam keeps trying to fool us at all costs, they never tire of lying again and again. After the show they have formed with the users and the presentation of their wonderful system, we now realize that they have also wanted to mock us with security seals.

  • False security seals

Yes, they think we’re going to believe that it’s a legal support because they hang four stickers on their page. We have been able to see the stamps of companies like SSL or McAffe but none of them are true.

We know this because when we click on these signatures they do not redirect us to the official website of these companies, we stay as we are. We might think that they may have broke the link, but what a coincidence that they never fix it and that they have all broken down at the same time. We do not believe anything.


Conclusion & our recommendation

Something else to add? Of course not. These people have thought that they were going to put it in, but they are ready. After seeing everything we have analyzed, the ruling is clear, Terabit Trader Application is a scam.

We must include this autotrading software on our blacklist quickly and start looking for other platforms that give us confidence, with a better security and guarantees and with which we can invest in a calm manner and achieve the greatest benefits.



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