Is Tesler 2 a scam? Who is tesler in the new world

Bots-scammers are now widely distributed. Only this year, many fraudulent firms got on the black list, the main purpose of which is deception of people. Most of them are trading fraudsters or scam firms for trading binary options, which provide software to customers. Most of them designed only for theft, and not profits. Keep this in mind when visiting sites that have warnings. In this article we will talk about the Tesler 2 program.
So, to start with a few simple definitions. What is trading system? The trading system (platform) provides automatic process for various bidders: for those who sell and buy, and for those who provide various services and live on the commission. In order to understand what Tesler 2 is, you must remember what Tesler App is. After a long investigation, Tesler App was put into the software blacklist. Created by a man named Steve Abrahams, the software, like the old fraudulent software, was made only to steal money. Victims reported that this robot lured customers, and they downloaded fraudulent software. After the victims agreed, their electronic boxes filled with spam. The customers were reeled in by forged bank accounts seemingly holding large deposits, false reviews and flamboyant billboards. In addition, in order to start trading it was important to open a trading account using this software. After depositing funds to the account, it was necessary to download the software which could help you to do transactions. In the case of a “successful” installation, the program steals money received by brokers and persons behind fraudulent software, while the victim remains at zero balance.

So, Tesler 2 is actually not a new trading software. This system claims to be able to help people gain up to $237 every single day, every week, twenty two days a month. This sounds great. The marketing video starts with a visit to a supposed customer who we see has earned big sum of money on the next day by just snapping ‘trade’. The creator of the Tesler 2 Steven Abrahams promises that this system is offering subscribers big amount of money. They would make their dreams come true and this, he says can happen through something called ‘lead patterns’ which we never hear about again till the video ends. It’s a good opportunity for beginner to make money online, but there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Tesler 2 is so dangerous to its users! Putting its members at greater risks than expected. If you have a crazy idea to register on the site of this company, then first read our review.
We do not want to call Tesler 2 a fraud for no reason. So here’s why Tesler 2 App cannot be trusted.
Stephen Abrahams, like other software developers, claims that he is a legitimate CEO, although in fact it’s just an actor. There is still an investigation into the real owner, but he is clearly not who he claims to be.
As we’ve just mentioned, the Tesler software has already caused enough damage throughout the industry. When first launched, complaints increased very fast from irritated and grieved users. But these scammers didn’t finish. Before relaunching this Tesler 2, another previously debunked scam called Rio Profits was released. We understood Rio Profits App and the older TeslerApp systems were exactly identical, except for the homepage videos. However both trading softwares were based on the same unrealistic promises, fake profiles and lies. This was proven also through disgusting feedback and reviews from angry users who’ve lost their money due to these quick get-rich-tricks. Make no mistake that the new Tesler 2 software is associated with several scammers. Due to the web-site introduction videos, Steven Abrahams is the fraud mastermind behind this whole project. Alleged Founder & CEO of Tesler Investments became rich in 191 days after the release of its Tesler 2 App. It can be stated with confidence that such a company does not exist. In any search engine it is impossible to find data on this firm, it means the company was fabricated.


There are happy photos of people who have become rich on the official website of the software. The same photos were posted on other similar Tesler App’s and Rio Profits’ sites. All the positive feedback posted on the web-site is fake, moreover there are no negative reviews. Coincidence? Absolutely not! Not only are these reviews fake, but they do not even belong to the current or past users.
Moreover, legitimate systems would usually link your account to regulated brokers so that you can always file a complaint with a regulatory authority in the event that something goes wrong. Tesler 2 Review software, on the other hand, works with unregulated brokers so that you can’t get your money back if you want to and you can’t file a complaint. This is a risky situation that puts you in a vulnerable place where you are very most likely to lose our investment for nothing. In fact, you should very well consider your investments lost.


The Tesler 2 scam system is as dishonest as it is too good to be true. It will simply not deliver the promises it makes. As a matter of fact, the creators of this system are only bent on taking your money and giving you nothing in return. By the way, the Tesler 2 review video says that the app is free but no, contrary to that, you will definitely be made to pay some money to ‘profit’ from this system.
To sum up, the Tesler 2 trading system is a trap you shouldn’t fall for. Everything about it sounds the scam alert and it shouldn’t take too much to see this. Firstly, you will not find information about the company and about its owners, because there are actors on their place. Secondly, it’s difficult to find positive review off-site. Also, remember that There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Our honest advice is that you do not invest your time, money or anything else into this system because it will not pay off. In simple, plain words, Tesler 2 App is a scam and we have done this review because we do not want you to fall a victim of it.

We hope that we could help with our advice and moreover, we hope you will never invest your money in the SCAM system. For that, we want to recommend you a real trading system – “Tools Trades”. Use it and make your money!

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