Thailand Celebrities Turned To Be Crypto Scammers

A Bitcoin millionaire has lost $35 000 000 in a cryptocurrency scam. The fraudsters turned out to be Thailand actors.

The information was posted by Bangkok Post. They say the suffering is a Finland resident, he’s a 22-year-old man who sent more than 5,560 bitcoins to Thailand scammers. He’s a Finnish businessman, and it’s believed he wanted to invest in a new crypto which is called Dragon Coin. The thing which kept businessman’s ears open was that he didn’t get a document after sending money.

The fraudsters were found by CDS of Thailand. They are nine people who received cryptocurrency and changed it into local money. An interesting fact is that these nine scammers are celebrities. One of them was caught in a filming process. Jiratpisit Jaravijit, a famous soap Thailand actor, is one of the group. He was taken by police with some of his relatives. The case is quite simple with Bollywood actors from India who received $300 000 000 on crypto scum.

The deputy commander of CDS told the local media that it’s hard to find out the money trail. So, they would need some time for investigation. Also, they would freeze the bank accounts of participants and their friends and relatives after verifying the received amount. All these steps were necessary for returning the money back to victims.

At the present moment, more than 50 bank accounts are frozen. And some of the other participants of this scheme have been caught. This information was received by CDS.

The whole process of finding the fraudsters, freezing the bank accounts, and finding the money trails have taken seven months.

Such things are common because all new ICOs try to attract as many investors as they can. That’s why some popular names and faces are wide—used. On the other hand, it celebrities have made their own cryptocurrency, they’ll find investors easily because of their reputation.

* CDS – Crime Suppression Division

* Jiratpisit Jaravijit (also known as “Boom”) is a Thailand soap actor born in 1991. He isn’t very popular according to the social media – there are only 505 followers on Instagram.

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