The 30K$ 30 Day Challenge & Joey Altair. A man, a company, a phenomenon to know about

Being one of those people who want to make money online it’s possible to come across new auto-trading robots and systems. The number of websites which provides newcomers with information about effective ways to invest your money is increasing permanently. Have you heard anything about The $30K 30 Day Challenge? Hope, you see this name for the first time, because it’s a real scam and we’ll explain why. Reading this review you have a chance to avoid some unpleasant consequences, which will appear after involving into trading with The $30K 30 Day Challenge.

The $30K 30 Day Challenge is a binary options system created by Joey Altair, which allows you (as it’s promised on the main page) to earn $30K for just 30 days, which is obvious from its name. You don’t need anything to start earning money with it, just give your name and e-mail. Their special trait is that you can join them only from somebody’s invitation. The website is quite good-looking, but you shouldn’t really trust them, Now we’ll give you all proofs why The $30K 30 Day Challenge isn’t more than a scam.


The creator whose name is Joey Altair isn’t more than just a stolen picture. Yes, he meets you in a very pleasant way and asks you to join a great challenge. But there’s something he left hidden from your eyes – he’s just an actor, his photo was simply taken from the Internet (we don’t know if he is aware of it). You can find Joey like a “smiley skier in orange jacket and mask”. Also, pay attention to a person who pretends to be a testimonial in a promotional video. The real name of this person is Ian Walker and he’s another actor, who was paid for this little role. And what about people who we see in the beginning? They’re also actors, you can find them on Fiverr.

Then let’s scroll a little bit down and analyze the testimonial section. As such websites usually do, photos of reviewers and their comments were taken from the Internet too. There’s no truth on the main page, all people are paid for every word they’re saying. You should already put the idea of making money online with The $30K 30 Day Challenge away.

Do you want some more proofs? Ok, we’ll show them to you. When you invest your first money in order to be connected with a trader, the system gives you only unregulated and unlicensed traders. That’s why the accuracy will be random, you won’t earn any money here.
In a promotional video, Joey promises us that if we don’t earn 3$0K in 30 days he guarantees to give us $1 000 just for joining and trying. There’re already some victims, who invested their money and, of course, didn’t earn $30K. They tried to e-mail to creators, but all their requests were left unread.
In conclusion, let’s remember one more time why a person who wants to make money online should never use The $30K 30 Day Challenge:
– The creator is a stolen photo from the Internet.
– Testimonials from a promotional video are just paid actors.
– Reviews in the testimonial section are stolen from the Internet.
– Brokers are unregulated and unlicensed.
– They don’t receive you $1K if you weren’t successful in getting $30K in 30 days, it’s just another way to get you into the trap.

So, are you still interested in earning money with the help of online trading systems? Then we recommend you to use the “Tools Trades” Signals System, it’s the one you can trust.


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