The Bitcoin Trader robot review. Are bots here to stay?

In the article below we will speak about the system called Bitcoin Trader robot and why you should consider it a SCAM. From the first minute, when you enter their web page, you are literally attacked by their promotional video. You cannot pause it or scroll it down. It is just there telling you a magical story about becoming reach within few days without doing anything. Having experience in trading, you would say, that it is fake information. Trading represents not just earnings online. It is an ensemble of trainings, economical analysis and performing strategies that will allow you to earn by predicting the currencies movements. Some of you might want to know how this trading platform works. If you would like to see the trading business from inside, you should first do some research, then get the knowledge, then register on the platform and then start trading. But what the Bitcoin Trader Robot offers is absolutely SCAM.

First things first. Right on top of the page you will see. Five star rating of this web page. The five star rating from whom? There are no charts involved or any links to this.


Moving down to the people, who are giving their reviews little lower on the page we see that those are fake personalities. If you google those images, you can easily find them on the stock photos recourses. And more than this, some of those faces were used in other commercials.

And if we will take a look to the images of top Bitcoin robot users, we will see fake people again. Just by spending 5 minutes of your time and google them; you can find same faces in many more web pages on line. And this is how you will know that Bitcoin Trading Robot is a SCAM.

So literally if you will go to some of those photos – you will see the proof of them being fake.
There is more information on that page that is trying to attract more people to leave their money there. Such as guarantees. They are shown with the labels of credit cards. But as we all know, those labels are not showing any guarantees, they literally mean nothing.
And if you’ll search for the contacts or any information on who has created this system or if there is any place you could go or the phone you could call – you will find absolutely nothing. This web page just gives you an option, how to deposit your hard earned money, but not how to get them back.
All the time you are on their web page, the video continues with some sort of promotional information on how you can make a lot of money by doing nothing. When they are showing the platform itself, it gives you only brief understanding on what is happening there. Like the first deposit. But as a trader – you should be able to see the process itself.
But after this platform screen all you see is just a promise of huge money on the daily basics. This kind of commercial should make any reasonable person think twice before they deposit their money. And for us this is a real alert, that Bitcoin Trading Robot is a SCAM.


If you are Looking forward to your trading career to start well we are thrilled to recommend to you the Tools Trades System that is much safer and very much profitable. Whenever you decide to go ahead and start your trading career, you should join this platform. It is not a SCAM. It has all the training that you might need at first right there on their web page. And full time support. So do not waste your time on SCAM systems and join “Tools Trades”, is a recommended trade system.

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