The Crypto Genius trading software review: you do not have to be a genius

The Crypto Genius – Is it a SCAM or is it Truth? Our 2019 Opinions!

The Crypto Genius is instant trading software, with which you can buy or sell listed financial assets, such as shares, through the use of foreign currency. But this platform has a peculiarity, and that is that it promises its users that they will become millionaires. It is something hard to believe.

We are tired of finding software of this type because they always appear in the same way: automatic software to operate, high profits in a short time, opinions of users saying how good the system is, etc. The usual lies!

In this The Crypto Genius review we will tell you all the necessary information so that you can verify for yourself that it is NOT a good system to invest, trusting your money and of course, you will not get the profits as it promised.

Is The Crypto Genius a SCAM?

The Crypto Genius offers you a trading platform where they inform you of everything they want you to know, making statements that are rather dubious, if not uncertain. They tell us those most traditional companies are dying and that we have to bet on technology companies … and that’s why you’ll become “rich”.

After visiting their web page, you will see that they have a promotional video where they already have things that are not credible, as well as having a weekly ranking of the users who have obtained the highest earnings with comments from those same clients.

For the most part, in just a matter of a few months, they have supposedly earned so much money that they have stopped working and / or have dedicated themselves to travel the world. Do you really think that if this were true, it would not have been made public and would not have generated a social upheaval?

In The Crypto Genius webpage, they tell us that their system has been created with the best predictive analyst in the world. Likewise, they establish that their mathematical algorithm is executed without any error, being easy and safe to operate in it.

Regarding the promotional video to which we have referred above, you can hear the incredible statements they are able to make, where they inform you about the advantages of being a member of The Crypto Genius and that we tell you in the next section.

However, it is better not to believe in such statements, since we will show you that they are false and that this system acts fraudulently. Therefore, we confirm that this support is software that scams customers.

The “great advantages” of this system

In the promotional video of The Crypto Genius, they publish a series of “advantages” that you can obtain if you register on their website and, therefore, operate from their trading platform.

In this video, they state that with this innovative system you will be able to “experience the most important transfer of wealth in history”, thus hinting that what happens in this platform is unheard of and does not occur in any other similar site. .

In short, they tell us that they manage to make us millionaires easily and quickly. Let’s see what more lies try to strain us:

  • They declare that with this system we can generate profits in a simple way by becoming millionaires, not only us, but a lot of people will become rich in a matter of months. Too good to be true, do not you think?
  • The Crypto Genius says that while the biggest companies are collapsing, companies that were previously unknown now generate millions of dollars. According to them, this system that they offer is not well known by many people because 99.9% of people are wasting time watching series on Netflix.
  • The only requirement that you are faced to, in accordance to them, join the new era of rich people, and “acting quickly and firmly” in terms of the opportunity.

Fake reviews and pictures taken from the Internet

In addition to confirming that the identity of the administrator of The Crypto Genius is false, if that were not enough, this is not the only fictional personality of this story.

In the ranking of which we have spoken in previous paragraphs, where rich people appear, and these people have gained more profits in the last week, we can find that these identities are equally false and their photos are taken from the Internet in a fraudulent manner.

Exaggerated and invented testimonials

The opinions of the alleged clients of this support that appear on their website and that refer to the wonderful results they have obtained since they are members of The Crypto Genius, are, from the first to the last, ARE FAKE.

What stands out in these experiences is having managed to earn thousands of dollars every day easily, due to the gains obtained by operating through this system.

The fact of having so much money and even having stopped working as a result of these gains can be unbelievable, what’s more, we would dare to say that these statements are a total scam.

The Bottom Line and Our Recommendations

Knowing all the information we have given you about The Crypto Genius, it is indisputable that this platform is not trustworthy since they manipulate your mind to make us believe that it is a system where you can earn a lot of money easily and quickly.

Not only do they deceive us with the data of the profits that their users have obtained, but they also lie to us with false statements of the same, where they encourage us of the great benefits that we can obtain if we become members of this software, changing our lives to better and even making us millionaires.

In addition, they use false sources and even go so far as to say that prestigious media such as Forbes talk about this platform with good reviews about its innovative system. In short, after knowing all these details so enlightening, we are totally convinced that The Crypto Genius is a scam, acting fraudulently with its users or future customers.

What about the alternatives? In order to avoid fraudulent software, you should check out if trading software is legitimate and worst your trust. We can recommend you the Trading Tools signals system. This tool will help you on the way of success, but the final result depends on you. It is software that comes with a built-in statistical algorithm that will make accurate predictions and will inform you, so you can make the best bet. On the main page you can learn about the legacy statements, reviews and users’ opinions.

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  • S rychlewski

    Personally, I was cheated by these companies.
    I deposited the deposit and after starting the robot, I lost the deposit. Fraud

    • Shannon

      I’m so glad I read your comment, I just signed up but decided to check out reviews first.

  • William

    Thanks a lot for your enlightenment. I was just about to register for the Crypto Genius software when I decided to do a little googling on it and found out that it’s a SCAM.

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