The Crypto Software – Money Earning Perpetuum Mobile or Scam?

Nowadays it is not a secret, that in the past several years the market of cryptocurrencies has witnessed a continuous rise in popularity. It is attractive, trendy and for some people, it is “cool” to say: “Hey, I’m trading in crypto.” Of course, demand instigates offer and in our digital era market responds by spawning various software for trading in such field. It revives memories of the fashion wave on Forex at the end of golden 90’s when you could have seen taxi drivers trading with actual currencies via radio while being stuck in traffic jams.

And the solid rule of the market economy is – where is a new, trendy and potentially profitable zone, there are scammers in vast numbers. Cryptocurrency market is no exception to that rule.

So we are all on the same page – scammers are magicians (hypnotists?) who make your money disappear. Although you may say they are more like hypnotizing you, so you will willingly and happily give up your own earnings/savings and sadly, but nonetheless surely, watch them disappear into the abyss of the global network.

Speak of the devil. Recently it became possible to come across something called “The Crypto Software”.

What’s wrong with it? Everything. Seriously.

Success stories or Acting stories?

First of all, once you are on the website you are approached by a speech from a video, where is a typical set of “success stories”. How honest they are you may judge based on your experience, but it would be a sound suggestion that they are based on scripts, which hired actors to learn by heart and present in front of a camera. In fact, it is easy to find such actors, for example, on So is this one:

See no owner, speak no owner

Secondly, the owner doesn’t exist. He is presented as Mr Thomas Green with company Crypto Software. Crypto Software claims to exist for 7 years (in fact they are a little bit over 1 year old) with 6 years in a row of amazing success (anyone heard about them before?). But bizarre things don’t end there – Mr Green is nowhere to be found among founders or the board of the company. And since it is claimed he is the owner of such a successful company, then did anyone see him at least on TED Talks? Strange. Right? And who hides his face, while pretending to have one? Yes. Those, who are plotting something.

Lunch for free

Thirdly, did you ever hear that some lunch is for free? The only lunch you may find that is for free is placed on the end of a fishing hook. What is this all about? Well, the infamous Thomas Green has announced that his company is going to publish a real “money making soft”, but before that he offers some 77 souls to test it… FOR FREE! Sure. But they need to deposit $250 on the account first and it should happen fast (there is a time limit). Interesting interpretation of the word “for free”, isn’t it? Basic math shows, that 77 by 250 equals 19,250 US Dollars. That is a total earning in several days for just announcing a release of “money making soft”, which most probably does exist only in phantasies of those who are going to deposit requested funds… and who is going, most probably, to lose them?

Exaggeration, and yet again exaggeration

The fourth point lies within over exaggeration. Mr Green states that with his software you can easily achieve 10-20% profitability on a daily basis. Alright. Let’s make another basic mathematical operation: 10% by 30 days equals 300%. Impressive. Then 300% by 12 months equals a staggering 3600% per annum. Oh.. and that was taken the “lowest” claim – 10% daily. Are you sure this is real? If so then why Microsoft, Facebook and other giant companies are still doing their business instead of jumping on this? Not even drug smuggling has such profitability. So you should only wonder how many people trust those, which try to convince others that he is like a Rambo? Technically the answer to this is pretty much obvious.

What about the deposit?

One more point is concerned with those 250 Federal Reserve bills, which are to be deposited by gamble thrill lovers. Where are going to be placed these funds? You wouldn’t believe it! To Stern Options, which belongs to BP1 LP. This is an unlicensed broker company, which has on its account several scam software apps already (being just renamed and relabeled, but staying the same in the core). Entrusting money to an unlicensed broker is like safekeeping your money in some by passer’s hands instead of a bank. It is a mere gamble. And if there is such history behind an unlicensed entity, then it is a gamble with pretty much predictable but unpleasant outcome.


So, if we are ready to sum up just these few points what we are left with now?

  • a non-existing person, being a face of a company;
  • which claims to be older than it actually is (sevenfold);
  • over exaggerating when talking about the reliability of its own software;
  • using actors instead of actual people, who really succeeded;
  • offering things for free, which actually are pretty much the opposite;
  • providing those “for free” deposits to an unlicensed broker;
  • who has already scam

Oh, and check out the name – Thomas Green. Isn’t it lovely? “Thomas” – very common name. “Green” – another word, which even as a surname is not uncommon, and can be also understood as a word with other meanings. The creators just made it easy for you to Google the thing up.

What should be done?

Don’t get caught by the “sweet talk” of such websites, software and even by articles or videos. You will put in your money and won’t see them ever again.

So use some of the real platforms, which do not go this way. One of such is “ToolsTrades” – Signals Trades system. It is real, licensed, use actual statistical modelling in order to provide suggestions on trends, and doesn’t promise you zillions in short time. It’s pure, refined and down to the point – just how a professional platform should be.

And remember, anytime somebody gives you enormous guarantees on your astonishing and soon-to-be success, be warned, you are talking to a person who is looking not into your eyes, but into your pocket.


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