The Cryptorobot – SCAM review

In this article we have decided to take a look at the that has just being released. And here we found some SCAM alerts that we will describe to you below. Also we will be more than happy to offer a new solution for the traders, who are just starting their way with the buy and sell strategies.
First, if you are just starting as a trader, you need to be informed. Trading is not a vacation. The trading system gives you great opportunity to make money on line, but at the same time you will have to learn a lot first and follow the market flows. What is trading – it is basically betting on different stocks or currencies, prognoses if they will go up or down with the price. So at the beginning we would recommend to all the traders to learn some material, watch economic news and also choose their strategy. And then to invest their money.
Now on internet there are a lot of SCAM programs that offer to their clients to invest a small amount of money and then do nothing to earn their money. This is mostly how you recognize a SCAM. Here are some more details regarding the Cryptorobot new product that we consider to be SCAM as well.
Everything looks fine at first glance. The interface is showing a robot trader for crypto currencies.


Then if you look lower, you will find information on some trading strategies that you as a trader could use to make money. We would say, that experienced broker would know, that those strategies are not 100% profitable and do not work most of the time.

The description that they give is wrong itself and do not give you necessary knowledge for trading.
But if you look down the page, you will see the list of brokers, with whom this web site is “working”; you will see that hose are only Currency brokers. They do not deal with bitcoins. So the information is fake. And this is a SCAM.

Then if you would check those brokers one by one, you will see that they are just shady companies. On their pages there is absolutely no information on where they are located or registered. Just pick anyone of them and you will see. The web site looks very attractive and professional. But the company itself doesn’t have any background once or ever.


If you will look out on google for the reviews for those brokers, you will see a lot of information on how people lost their money, how they have been cleaned up by those brokers and were no able to get their deposits back. And if you would want to visit their official web site, you will be getting the following memo – open an account.
So this is how his system works. The Cryptorobot itself doesnt offer you any strategy or system, how you will make your money. They are just making a commercial to the brokers, which are not fare. Those brokers will give you an offer to deposit just 250$ to your account. And then you will never be able to get your money back. More than that, even some of them will try to get your bank accounts details that will give them an access to your savings. Those were some incidents with those broker’s clients.

If your just starting with making money Online and trading, we can suggest Tools Trades – a trusted signals provider that will provide simple lessons first, then they will assist with the entering their demo. And only after some time you will be able to start your real trading. Good luck with making money and take care.

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