The Exceptional Fund Service Revelation

As usual, we continue our examination of different websites proposing financial operation and services connected to funding and money in general. Today we are going to talk mainly about cryptocurrency, as the service, we decided to check to specialize in bitcoin trading and investments. It is not a new piece of information that nowadays, people who got into the field of cryptocurrency are leaders and live really good. But still some take the advantage of the popularity of digital assets and virtual money, so they decide to make money on other people who are not experts and just want to change their lives with new ideas, proposed by investors. They are investing money and think that all the services are reliable and soon they will get their revenue and everything will be ok. But… unfortunately, this doesn’t happen, as there are lots of scammers out there, willing to take all you have. And will you the credibility for any service in this field? Of course, no. We found one of these scammers and want to warn you. Bellow you can read the checkup done by our team, our target, and the victim, is the Exceptional Fund. Get ready to know the truth about this service.

The Main Idea and General Impression of the System

At first, we see a good website, with lots of diagrams, colourful pictures and some info. You are welcomed with the video, and bellow there is the info about bitcoin itself, the reasons why people should use this service are shown, too. There is a graph with some data (maybe they even made up that data, who knows) guaranteeing you will have the same result if you join this system. There is also a page of “How it works” with the benefits the registered user will have and the advantages of the service. They claim to have the analysis of the market each hour and provide the users with quick news, and they also claim that with the system you will get the total security and safety.

They noticed, that it is possible to invest in different cryptocurrencies, but there is no information on these, no names of available currencies. This is strange, as the other site provides the client with such information. The system assures the clients in its competence, saying they have the formula, by which an ordinary person will become a well-experienced investor and of course to show off, there is an attached screenshot of the page with the good sum on the wallet.

The built-in calculator will help you to know how much you will get, although, if you type a sum like $100, just to check how it works, you would get the note saying the minimum sum is one thousand of dollars. Wow, that is much for an ordinary person, staring the investment path. The website has some feedbacks of so-called users, with pictures and the links on their profiles on Facebook or LinkedIn. But some corporations do something like that – they pay money to people for them to write something that is not relevant and is just blowing smoke.

The table with frequently asked questions will allow you to see the questions. Good to see, there is also a support service and contacts with an e-mail address and the address in Hong Kong.

Getting back to the video on the site, mentioned above, we would like to say, that the company unconsciously reveals itself in the sentences the speaker says. The information given is so blurry and they are just talking about the famous people in the banking system and so on. Talking about the general stuff and the revolution in financing itself, the company forgot to give some essentials about them. The only phrase they said was something like “Invest in the Exceptional fund and you will be a crypto millionaire”. Is that a joke? – you would say. Well, the creators thought this might be inspirational for people to see and listen, but the experts, revealing scammers, see the truth. They did not tell how the system works and the aspects of their works. Assuring that the system has the best experts and professionals and that everything will be done by these people for you – is not enough to trust this company.

They also say that the company is not really interested in earning money ON you, and that’s why the operating costs are so low. But wait. They still didn’t tell a single word about the sums, and these operating costs sum is unclear to users, too. The Exceptional Fund also has an application for people to use it with their phones, but there is no link, no name of it.

Regulations of the System

All I want to say, that the site looks Ok, the design is good and has good colors. But we think that it is just a good way to hide the scammer. Because, nevertheless, there is info about the service place in Hong Kong, we could find any names and people responsible for the system. Where are the information about the team and the leader, creating this platform? That is strange and unclear to us.

The Final Thoughts and Verdict of the System

So, the overall opinion is ambiguous, since, from the one side, the site is very colourful and has some structural units, just like other famous and successful systems. But from the other side, would you believe someone, who is not telling you the truth? The other systems say there is no guarantee you would get the revenue and the desired result. And, by the way, the revenue is 5%, so you should choose for yourself.

Our verdict is the following: we do not recommend the Exceptional Fund, since there is no guarantee on the reliability of site, the rate is low and there is not a single number relating to the sense. But at the same time, this system and the methods it is using is somehow outdated. We have a new, innovational system for you, that is reliable and successful. It is Signals Trade. Why do we recommend it for usage? Because it has a good history, and it really works, we checked ourselves. It is legitimate and transparent for the client, so there would be no problems and mysteries with this system – we can guarantee. The great advantage for you here is that you can control everything and be aware of what is going on at a certain point in time. Good luck with this one.

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