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Searching for scam websites: “The Freedom Circle”

With the Internet and its possibilities constantly developing new schemes of fraud. Scam sites are one of these schemes. And to look plausible and trustworthy each page has to create a background story. Looking carefully at these stories can help identify a scam site because in small details there is often hidden information which questions the trustworthiness of a site.

The “Freedom Circle” created a story worth looking carefully at.

Introducing the “Freedom Circle”

The site greets us with a pop-up window wanting us to sign up to gain access to the software with us not really knowing what it is about (except we get are promised to get $5000 a day). In the top right corner, a countdown timer is located (although nothing happens if it reaches 00:00).

The creator of the site and software calls himself Kyle Stanford and claims in the video that he has been a professor of economy at Yale. But searching for him on Google for some reason doesn’t give you any results. Nevertheless, he promises to generate you $5000 on autopilot every day.

The site and the tricks used in it

The video contains most information given on the site. But to really understand it, the background story of the site, you will probably have to watch it a few times because it really is confusing. Or if you don’t know much about economy and trading you might think you don’t need to understand it. Freedom, time, loopholes, free cash machine and $5000 every day – sounds great, doesn’t it?

So let’s take the video apart and look closer to Mr Stanford’s statements and why they should get us suspicious. This questions you should ask yourselves, to understand that the site, the video, the story just doesn’t make sense.

The video begins with Mr Stanford talking about an upcoming economic crisis, and refers to that later in the video too. But for some reason, we don’t hear anything of an upcoming economic crisis in the news. No expert is alarming us. And such crisis just can’t come out of anywhere. So we dare to doubt this information.

This story is rather used to get us worried that we will soon have big financial problems, and therefore sign up here, to be more or less safe.

The crisis, according to the video, is accompanied by a wealth transfer. We have no idea how that should work. Additionally, we have to say that a wealth transfer and converting 1 Dollar into 1361 is not connected in any way because the wealth transfer couldn’t have begun without a crisis beginning. It is probably included so we would imagine getting the same amounts of money as the rich celebrities.

Later in the video, we are promised to be shown real-life proof of the software working. But in the end, nothing was being shown. Most people would simply forget it in the end. But at the moment it is said it is adding trustworthiness to the site, same as Mr Stanford telling the viewer this is no scam site.

The “Freedom Circle” is also called a social movement seeing time and freedom as the only real wealth. Then why is the focus of the site on earning $5000 a day? Why are the big sums you can apparently earn with the software repeated so often in the video? Probably because it is not a social movement. And getting your money is the main goal of the site.

Why else would you need to invest $250, when Mr Stanford told us the site is completely free? This is a very common trick used by scam sites. Saying everything is free, but giving you the software only after you “invest” $250. Especially when that’s said indirectly as here many people get tricked.

By telling the viewer that he is the Chosen One, one of a few getting access, he will feel honoured. Wanting to keep this status the probability rises, that he will sign up.

Nevertheless, you see on the site claiming that over 500 new users have registered… So one of the statements has to be false, which should make us a little more suspicious towards the site.

We also shouldn’t forget that no matter what Mr Stanford says, no real proof is given at any time. But probably no one is interested in it. And that’s how tells us completely made up stories and the viewers believe him.

Remember he said that during the crisis of 2008 the American Federal Reserve was printing trillions of dollars to save the banks and keeps doing that today? That is nonsense. You don’t have to be an expert in the economy to understand that. If you paid attention in history class you will probably remember the hyperinflation in Germany in the 1920s. Well, it was achieved by printing gigantic amounts of money, making the currency worthless. There is no way the Federal Reserve could have saved the banks by simply printing more money as the same would have happened.

Those were some tricks often used by scammers. There are many more of them hidden here, such as the fake customer review on the page making people believe real users who got wealthy with the software wrote them, or the countdown timer which adds additional pressure onto the customer and not giving him the possibility to think clearly.

And, close to the end we would like you to pay attention to one more detail written on the very bottom of the page.


We think no comments are needed. No guarantee is given that you won’t lose your money.

Be careful and look out for scammers. We hope we could help you by showing some tricks scammers use.

Our recommendation

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