The News Spy Investigation and Checkup

Lots of people from all over the world want to make easy money, without risks and investment. But at the same time, this remains only a dream of a million people. The world is cruel, and we also have people willing to make money on those individuals, risking and really trying to change their lives for the better. And these scam system, are becoming more and more widespread, so nowadays people start to not believe in what others say or write. So, maybe these people are right because, with the popularity of cryptocurrency, the speculations also increased highly.

So, today we are going to reveal another scamming system. Yes, that’s true, you have not misread this, we are announcing from the very beginning, that the News Spy is a total scam and it is not worth your time and money. We conducted an investigation of the system and now want to share our knowledge with you. So, get prepared to read the reasons of the why the News Spy is a scamming system. But at first, just, as usual, we will start with the first impression of the website and the content of it.

First Impression and Thought of the News Spy System

So, click on the website link, we are transmitted to the home page of the web. What do we see? The video, registration form, some charts and diagram, reviews from the clients, frequently asked questions, the how it works page and some information on the bottom of the page. At first, we should notice, that the website is not so developed, the platform is very simple, making it possible for anyone to create such a website and write whatever he or she wants to. So, after watching a video which gives you nothing but the sense of lost time, you may want to start reading some info on the bottom.

Detailed Explanation of the Scamming System

So, the main purpose of the site, just as they claim it, – to inform the clients of hot propositions and the information of the hot sources allowing you to gain some money without making anything at all. But what do we have here? Have you seen the video on the site? If not – you should, because there is a good evidence that this is a scam system.

Firstly, in the video they use the fake fragments of breaking news with some stripes and information, which is, by the way, is not connected somehow to the system itself. So, these people say, that with them you would be a millionaire. What nonsense! Another scamming prof is the manipulation and wish to get people register NOW. Such pushing should be regarded as the first sign of the scam system. You can also scroll a bit on the bottom, and you see some photos of people, so-called clients that tell something positive about the system and how lucky they are. But in reality all those people are just paid actors and so; the credibility of the web and of the system itself falls dramatically.

Strangely, that this system claims to have the access to all the news sources and they analyze it, and after that – deliver straight to you. Is not that crazy? If you investigate the website more detailed you would notice the persuasive way the write their messages in order to affect the psyche of the potential victims. The phrase “you would get on TV” is a doubtful one, since people don’t want to get on TV, they just want to make money. I know that the magic “formula” they say they worked out for the clients, doesn’t work at all. Who would analyze all the internet resources and tell the clients when to buy something, or when to sell, where and how. That is too stupid.

The News Spy say they have big experience in this field and they know what they do. They claim to be the best hub of information and news bringing you the fortune.

At the website, you can also find graphics and the extract from the press, for a site just to show off and make a good impression of the stable and successful system. But it is not. They posted the chronology of their announcements for the client (like what to do and where to find another gold spot).

Next, they say that it is really easy to make money with them – just register, get your account and make a profit. It is too good to be true, they do not mention any sums and fees they take for it. So, we have the doubts that in the end you will be forced to pay for such “services” provided by them. Who would do anything for anyone just for free?

The page with the frequently asked question has the questions of so-called potential users and client, and also has the answers to them. And here, in the answers of the system, we see some illogical and ridiculous statements. Like “on average, if you join us, you would get 1500 dollars every day”. Do you really believe this? There is also a rush and they try to make you register as quickly as possible by saying they have some limited account only for several people.

The News Spy says they do all the hard work for their clients and the client will spend only 15 minutes a day to use the strategies and get money. This is also the lie, since “no pain – no gain”, and there is nothing as easy as that.

They say that their account is for (but, their limited accounts). We think that this is a trick: they rush you, you register and think you will get this free service, but then you find out that “unfortunately there are no free accounts left”, and you will be just forced to pay the pretty sum. And they don’t make charges or fee. Lie, that is a sheer lie.

On the top of the page, you would also see, that the system uses your location in order to draw your attention. So, they write that only for your country there is a special offer and proposition. But this is not true since it is another well-known trick of scammers like the News Spy. A good tool for you to have additional money and get more than a thousand per day? Scammers just don’t know what to tell you more.

Recommendation and the Verdict

We do not recommend the News Spy, the system is a scam, with no logic and no reasons to believe in the credibility of it. Instead, we would recommend you to try Signals Trade, with which you would be able to control the process and see transparently on your financial status. It is trustworthy and checked by our team, so no worries.

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