The Coinbrokerz review. Do they deserve to stay in business?

The company Coinbrokerz has been founded in 2017 and based in Saint Vincent and Grenadines. This broker is offering you to open a live account and participate in the cryptocurrencies trading.

Features and the Coinbrokerz website

The website of this broker looks professional and expensive. It is available only in English. They are offering to open a live account and they do not have any demo account for you to try and see if you want to join this company.  On their home page, they provide you with the latest updates of the crypto market. They are slowly showing their main principles and the most important of them are – Trusted and Secured. But is this so? If you want to learn more about this company and go to “About us” page, you will not find any background or company history there. What we find there is a short essay about cryptocurrencies trading process.

The only contact you find on this website is their office in London, which is not a location, where this company is regulated. And even though you are able to see it on the map – this is not their official address. The Coinbrokerz is an unlicensed broker.

Policies and compliance

There is a page called compliance on Coinbrokerz website. And it does have a lot of information about their privacy policy, which documents they require from their future customers and how do they fight with money laundering. But when it comes to the page with Withdrawals and Deposits – there are four lines there regarding the way you can deposit and withdraw your money. It does seem like not enough information on that matter.


Education and media news

On the page called education, this broker provides you with some information regarding trading on Crypto market. This is a short article on what is cryptocurrency and crypto market itself. There is no information on how to trade, what the bets are and how would you get your profits. So for the word “education”, it is definitely not enough.

They have the web page with the latest news in the market. Here you also find the videos about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We cannot say that there is a lot of information here and for a beginner, it will be not easy to understand that news.

Trading tools and the platform

Coinbrokerz has their own trading platform. It is available online and you don’t need to download it. They have different account types, which actually are not shown on their website, but we are guessing that those are for cryptocurrencies and regular market.  The minimum deposit is $250.

From the tools, we can name only two – the bitcoin calculator that helps you to transfer money from other currencies to bitcoin. And also the news feed, which is giving you an idea of what is happening on the market right now.  They are following LIVE Bloomberg channel and have a table of cryptocurrencies’ prices up to date.

In conclusion, we would like to warn our beginning traders that Coinbrokerz do not look trusted to us and they are most probably SCAM. Trade safely with licensed and trustful brokers.


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  • Ms T

    I can confirm 100% that Coinbrokerz is a SCAM. I am a victim and have lost USD3 750.00 in this scheme. I am new in the cryptocurrency game, I urge people to investigate the companies they want to invest with beforehand. This little setback won’t deter me though. I shall soldier on and learn more about this whole new world.

  • Matti Kojo

    Kyllä se näin tuntuu olevan.

  • Arran

    i have invested with which is now called please what can i do? £750 is alot of money to me. its all the savings i had

  • arran

    who can help me, i invested in who are now…..

  • Jane

    All was good for me, I worked with Coinbrokerz for 2 months and then took my 200 pounds back with some profit.

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