The review of Crypto Traders System SCAM

The system we would like to review today is called Crypto Traders System and it is considered to be SCAM. On their web page they are positioning themselves as an automatic trading program that gives you an opportunity to make millions of dollars by doing nothing and just depositing $250 minimum. Even if you are just a beginner in trading and do not have much of experience this sounds too good to be true isn’t it? And it is so. Trading activity combines knowledge, market analysis and some luck and intuition. Basically what you do is you are betting on currencies prices to go up or down. But every trader you ask will tell you there is work to be done.
So what is the Crypto Traders System talking about in their intro? They are mentioning the benefits of bitcoin trading. And show an example of buying them on one platform and then selling on the other for bigger money. So this is correct information. And then they are claiming to be creators of automatic BOT that will perform those actions for you and will bring you over $4000 a day. This sounds ridiculous.


The next message from the creators of this system is that they’ve made $19 million within 2 month. Just think for yourself. If this would be possible, would it be so easy to get into this system?


So basically they are looking for the group of tester for their new version and this is just for free. But you see – the deposit is still there. You will need to buy your first bitcoins to be able to get in. And nobody will tell you how to get your money back. I you search on the web site – there is no option to withdraw money. And the “contact us” button simply brings you to your e-mail as the only way to reach out to this SCAM Company.
And of course, an old trick here is – the limited offer that gives you opportunity to earn millions. As we all know from some of the commercials, limited doesn’t mean good.


Another physiological trick you will see here is – the reviews from other people who are considered to be happy traders. As you look at those photos something tells you that they are not right. And it is so. Those photos are purchased from the web. You can find any of them if you google, but you will never find real people behind them.


But also what we did not like about this SCAM system is – they do not provide you with any information regarding the creators of this Crypto Traders System. You do see any contacts, license, and certificates on their web page. So if you will be trying to get your money back – there will be nobody to reach out to. And there is an important risk note on the bottom of the page. That basically is saying that even if you will try to go to the court claiming that this company has stolen your money, you will not be able to do so, as their activity is not regulated by the US law. So this is on more proof that Crypto Traders System is just one more SCAM.

So if you are thinking of choosing a trading platform as a beginner. We can suggest our recommended Signals Trading. It is easy, much safer and stable than the SCAM companies that exist on the internet today. The team of professionals will provide you with necessary knowledge and training and your investments will be protected. So have great trading and take care.

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