Tifia Scam Review: Today its important to know all the facts before starting to trade

Tifia is very present these days in different media, especially social media such as Facebook, before reaching this platform you will see some FAKE news about dozens of important millionaires known worldwide who “invested” in this system. The reality is that Tifia is a scam with the sole purpose of making you deposit money in some broker of dubious responsibility and once you have made the deposit is over.

Pay attention to the following Tifia review and that we rely on certain facts to be able to clearly say the Tifia is a scam project.  As you already know in Bitfxdaily, we analyze all this type of pages with maximum rigor and we have a long career uncovering this type of scams that seem real for people little knowledgeable about the subject, but that for us are extremely easy to uncover and expose.

Let’s jump into it!

What is Tifia?

According to their main page is a tool that is turning people into millionaires and you could be the next one thanks to Tifia App, according to their page you make a deposit to a broker and the system of “autotrade” will take care of turning you into a millionaire, you may not say that all this is scam, but we can guarantee that this crypto trader will NOT make you a millionaire, since the system of “autotrading” does not exist, once we register we will be sent directly to a broker to ask us to make a deposit.

Legal information?

We have to say that any system that is regulated or legitimate has an entity or company that supports it. In this case you can clearly see that there is NO trace of who is behind this page, what are the terms and conditions. Furthermore, it’s clear that the privacy policy is the purest copy paste …A lack of any information about the origin of this service or page is another sign of alarm that certifies us that crypto trader is a fraud where you should not register, in addition if you look at the footer where the legal texts are (texts of copy and paste) in English, you may see the logo of another scam bitcoin trader detected and exposed, that is, in this case Tifia is a clumsy copy of a typical bitcoin scam trader with some tweaks. By the way. Do you want to know about the best bitcoin trading software? We have analyzed a large number of Platforms and tons of Software and we want to share with you the system with which you can multiply your investments.

But since we are uncovering this scam, let’s continue …

The video of Tifia

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is a copy of the bitcoin trader page, even with the video.

In the video we can see that they want us to feel like famous characters such as Bill Gates or Eric Schmidt. They will make any allusion to Tifia as a great way ti=o become a millionaire in a short time thanks to the cryptocurrencies or to use the supposed “autotrading” system, which is can’t be real because of a simple logic …

The video only has the sole purpose to make us feel like famous people and millionaires, to make us feel that we can also become rich with to this scam system. It is a dirty marketing strategy that tries to appeal to the feelings of greatness of the people.

100% Fake Information

We continue browsing the page and we see the virtues of the Tifia scam system:

  1. Yield of 99.4%: this is totally false. There is NO system that can offer such levels of profits, if someone invented it, he would become the richest person in the world and he would NOT give it to you for free.
  2. Superior technology: If you sign up, you can witness that the supposed “superior technology” does NOT exist, since what they do is sell your data directly to a broker to try to get money out of it.
  3. Enormous revenue: This is just a joke. According to Tifia in 2018, they had a lot of prizes to offer, because they literally just tell it … and according to them, the last one prize was won by the UK Trading Association. This association does not exist, and to be able to work in the UK you would need to have the FCA Regulation, and in Tifia they don’t even know about this rule.

How does this fraud work?

In this section of Tifia we describe the steps we must follow to lose our money.

  1. Register in the platform: you have to enter your name, email and telephone number, which will be sold to a broker with doubtful or null reputation who will try to obtain the maximum possible money.
  2. Finance your account: After completing the registration and selling your data to a broker, they will show us the broker page so that we can make first deposit and start investing in bitcoins.
  3. Start to win: There is nothing inside that helps you win, but they will leave you alone with the broker, he will call you to try to invest more money and then he will call you again to “make win” and the sole purpose is that you lose everything you can.

Wrapping up: is Tifia legit?

As you can see, the symptoms shown above demonstrate that the Forex trader called Tifia is a scam, and we can say it without shame! And you must run away from it as soon as possible, if you have had the bad luck to fall into this scam we recommend that you do not invest more money and see if you can get back what you already put in this system, because sooner or later you will lose all your capital. They use great paraphernalia to try to convince us, like the use of famous people and the embedding of antivirus logos at the beginning so that we believe it is a safe and reliable page.

But as you could see, the video is fake, at no time do they speak about this tool with Eric Schmidt or Bill Gates; the testimonies are false, there a lot of fake Tifia reviews that tell you that you’ll become rich in few month, since they only have some pictures of bank statistics; The supposed auto trading system does NOT exist and they will sell your data to a broker. So the final conclusion is that Tifia is a fraud.

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