TNT Profit App: Another Scam is haunting for your money

Many people want to earn money without extra thoughts and efforts, and their desires are understandable. When you work five days a week and your salary hardly allows you to eat enough, it is very difficult to learn something new to earn more. Unfortunately, many companies like this one that we’ll tell you about today will not allow solving your problems. These cheaters want to earn money too, but they don’t use fair methods. They like to cheat people and our mission is to tell about these thieves. In our new review, you will know about another dishonest company. Its name is TNT Profit App and it is a regular, but a plausible expert to take away money from people.

About their offers

There is an attractive video on their site, in which you can learn enough to doubt about these scammers. An old man named Greg Morris introduced himself as an attorney and then also introduced his client, a handsome man Timothy Tibbits, TNT creator. A few years later Timothy Tibbits was like anyone from us and didn’t have money at all. Then he began to trade, read many books and learned many methods, looked at other sources, and even lost money with dishonest brokers. Suddenly he learned about Support and Resistance strategy and gets lucky. Timothy decided to make software using it. It is a very plausible story and it is easy to believe it. Mr Tibbits tells about his soft, and it’s something incredible. This program can guarantee about 80% opportunity to win in option and it uses Support and Resistance strategy. Then the man connected with a soft developer Durvesh Parwan. Durvesh tells something, but there is nothing certain. He shows charts from Excel, but good programmers usually don’t use soft like this for predicting, it has not enough tools for it. These charts are drawn not automatically. After the interview with the developer, Timothy is again with us. He tells that he doesn’t provide this software for individuals because he has sold it to a big company and earned enough money already. Only you can join their app next 45 days. It is a very familiar offer and scammers use it very often. Timothy explains to us why he decided to do so: it is because he remembers about his poorness and his beginning!

We can’t find any information about the company which has bought TNT Profit App. In the video, Timothy speaks with “representative” of the buying company, a man, named Collin Broadwell. Collin is very satisfied with TNT App and he says that they’ll never buy it if it cannot bring profit. There is no company name in the video. This is very suspicious. Timothy also speaks about brokers, using TNT App you can choose them, but again there is no information with which brokers they work.

About people in the TNT App Movie

We searched for the photos of the people, who took part in the movie. The info is not inspiring confidence. Greg Morris from the movie isn’t an attorney. He is an actor and his real name is Bob Ollin. All the best people from the movie are also fake. The man, who has bought TNT App doesn’t exist too.

About legislation to trade

This company doesn’t have any registration for trading in the United States and they inform us about this below in the website page. They report also that binary options are prohibited in the USA and you cannot trade using this technology if you are there. It is an interesting method to confess before traders. It looks like creators think that it may convince somebody, but after reading this review is impossible.
Now about the website: it was created on 5 June 2019 ant its location is in the Netherlands. At the moment of writing this review, it exists for about four months. Stop, but it is more than 45 days! It means that they used this trick with registration within 45 days long enough for collecting fools. This site also is not free, it is one more lie about it. For beginning “to trade” you must deposit at least 250 dollars, but we don’t recommend you to do so.

Resume: forget about this scam

Although Timothy said that their site can bring you 100 dollars per day, it is not the truth. This sum sounds more realistic than usual for companies like this, but it only means that these scammers are cleverer than most of them. We can’t recommend you the platform TNT Profit App for trading. They don’t have government registration and all the actors in the movie on their website are fake. It is impossible also to find information about the company that has bought their software and TNT Profit App continue to collect newcomers after 45 days. Nobody speaks about algorithms used in this software, and there is no evidence that you can earn money because almost all reviews on the Internet about TNT are fake. Get away from this site and warn about their lies all your friends who trade! Always examine all the information about the company before using it for trading! Sometimes it is enough to look for the address and information about registration to understand whether the company is suitable for trading. Don’t be lazy and examine these things ant the opportunity to lose your money will decrease.

Our recommendations

Don’t ever deal with such scammers like TNT Profit App! Companies like these can’t bring you profit, they can only take away your money and you’ll become even poorer than before. Instead of this scam, we want to recommend you to learn more about Signal Trades. This software is well-known on the market already and it can help you to make money if you know it better. Signal Trades provides all the beginners with four signals per day, also you can pay money only one time and they can give you 28 signals per day. That is a very profitable suggestion. The platform also provides news that can influence prices and much useful information about trading. There are movies, books and other interesting sources, you can earn more money if you watch it. With Signal Trades you can work with Forex market and also with cryptocurrencies. Our friends have registered there and they are very satisfied and happy. Try it too and you’ll never regret!

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