Toluna App – Make Money out of Surveys…!?

Welcome to our Toluna review! Toluna is a page to earn money doing surveys. They define themselves as an online community dedicated to making the voice of their users heard. Its operation is very basic. It is about giving your opinion to the multiple world leaders in products and services that want to know what you think about them.
After completing each survey, you will earn points that you can then redeem for a variety of awards. Of course, all the services offered by this paid survey website are free. In addition, you will receive points for participating in many of the activities offered by Toluna.
The companies that rely on Toluna get valuable information: the opinion of potential consumers. And on the other hand, we also win, because we will be rewarded for our time invested and get some passive profits.

Registration and first steps in Toluna

The first step to start answering surveys in Toluna will be the registration.. The process is very simple and is completed in just two minutes
The data that has to be completed is typical for this type of pages: name, surname, email, date of birth and user name. Once done, we will receive a confirmation email to access our account.
Once we enter it, the first step to take will be to complete all the profile surveys. This will allow the platform to know our tastes and preferences and then you will be able to send us surveys that adapt to our profile.
You can change any data in the profile of each category just by clicking on the “Update” button.

How to earn points in Toluna

In Toluna we have several ways to accumulate points that we can then exchange for the different prizes available. Let’s go over them one by one.

Doing surveys

How could it be otherwise, the main way to get points in Toluna is by answering surveys. These will be received directly in our email, although we can also complete them within the same web.
The duration of the same is usually around 15-20 minutes and the assigned points usually vary a lot. There are surveys that give 1,300 points and others up to 3,000.

Sponsored content

This way of earning points is extremely easy. We will only have to press the “Vote” button in the different sponsored contents that we will find in the “Community” → “Quick Votes” section.


In this section we can get points through records in other pages and even by making purchases in them. We will find sites like Telepizza, Nike, HP, etc.


Toluna holds a monthly raffle where you can win big cash prizes. To be able to access them, you have to be an active member.
To be an active member, you must upload a profile picture and have completed a poll or vote in the three months prior to the draw.

How to receive more surveys in Toluna?

One of the aspects that brings worries to all those who are dedicated to making money with online surveys, is how to qualify for the greatest number of them. A more completed surveys, more money for our pocket, that simple.
Both in this article and in the following video you will find some advice on this.

Referral system in Toluna

Toluna has a very interesting referral system thanks to which we can increase our profits significantly. For each person who registers through our invitation and completes their first survey, we will earn 500 points.
On the contrary that happens in other pages, we do not have at our disposal a referral link, but the invitations are made through email within the web itself (as in I-Say).
This section will be found by clicking on the user icon → “Account details” → “Share”. Another option to earn money with Toluna through referrals is through affiliate platforms such as TradeTracker or Daisycon.
There we will find personalized links that we can share in our blogs, social networks, and so on. This second option is more profitable, because instead of earning 500 points per referral ($0.25), we will earn something more than $1.

Advantages and disadvantages of Toluna

Like any other site, Toluna has its positive aspects and also its negatives. Let’s see what they are 😉


  • Reliable and proven company.
  • Page is totally free.
  • Many prizes available.
  • Several ways to earn points.
  • Pay promptly.
  • They have introduced PayPal as payment method.


  • Minimal payment is a little big high.

Why you can’t complete surveys?
It is normal, Toluna sends several daily surveys but being invited to participate does not mean that you are the profile they are looking for. In most cases when you answer the classification questions you may be expelled because your profile does not fit with what you are looking for.
You must understand that these surveys are carried out by large companies and brands that pay large amounts of Toluna money to get the opinions of thousands of users. For example, if the survey is about alcoholic beverages and you are a minor or in your profile, you said that you do not consume them frequently, it is totally logical that you cannot participate in said surveys.

Conclusions and personal opinion

It is an interesting page to earn money and gifts giving our opinion about products and services of large companies. In addition, you have the option to express your ideas through quick votes and opinions created directly in Toluna.
Toluna is undoubtedly one of the best paid survey platforms you can find today. It is a totally safe and reliable page in which you can rest easy without fearing to waste time or money, remember that it has been online for more than 10 years.
As a negative point and despite the fact that it is a platform available in several Latin American countries, unfortunately, it forgets some other countries. We hope that with the passage of time it allows the registration and participation to all the countries that are missing.
If you want to earn money, checks, gifts and prizes for free by participating and answering simple surveys and online questionnaires from home, Toluna is undoubtedly your ideal site.
You can let other people know what you think and find out if they think the same as you. These quick votes and the opinions that you create yourself about Toluna, you can include them in your own personal blog or website.
We have been registered on this page for more than two years and we have already received several awards.

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