Top 10 Streaming Services

Top 10 stream services. What are their differences and advantages

With the development of the Internet, there are more ways to share information with the world. And since the relevance of this information is of great importance, it was the invention of a way of conducting live broadcast via the Internet – the so-called streaming.

This new feature is appreciated by gamers who broadcast their gameplay, cyber tournaments. In general, anyone can stream, who has something to tell other Internet users. It should be taken into account the fact that some stream services are paid.

Since streaming is very popular, there are many different services that support live broadcasts. In this list, you will find the top 10 best services with which you can easily conduct and watch online broadcasts.

  1. Netflix

Prior to statistics, this service is the most popular among users. Fans of TV series and movies will find here a lot of interesting, despite the fact that the subscription is paid. The service is available on different devices.

  1. YouTube

On this site, you can not only a huge variety of video clips but also to conduct a live broadcast. It could be anything: cartoons, movies, concerts, etc. You don’t have to pay for it, but your channel must have a certain number of subscribers and verified.

  1. Instagram

Quite a popular application that not only allows you to share photos with friends. Many Instagram bloggers (and ordinary users too) can conduct live broadcasts from their pages while being anywhere: at home, on the street, etc.

  1. Twitch

One of the most common and best free stream services. For the most part, this site is used by gamers who regularly stream broadcast tournaments or gameplay. There is no limit to the number of streams, so the service is so popular.

  1. Hulu

The advantage of this service is that there are available broadcasts with 4K resolution. The service is paid, but the price is acceptable. Fans of TV programs will appreciate this service.

  1. Vevo

Especially for music lovers in this list is a service Vevo. A huge number of music videos of different genres, easy navigation and all this is absolutely free.

  1. PlayStation Vue

As it may seem at first glance, it is designed for players. But in fact, it is not so. Paid service gives users access to many channels, including premium. And one more note – you do not need to have a game console to use the service.

  1. Directv Now

Now, in order to get access to a huge number of different TV programs, you do not have to install satellite TV and spend a lot of money. Just subscribe to this service, and enjoy the TV programs in high quality. But the subscription price is quite high. This is justified by the fact that the service is very convenient and available on different devices.

  1. Sling TV

A good alternative for those who decided to find a replacement for cable television. The only difference is that using this service you will pay much less. Access to a wide range of different programs, live broadcasts – all is available on one site.

  1. AT&T Watch TV

This service deserves a place in the top 10, because its advantage is the low cost of subscription, and the quality is not worse than other services. It is possible to use the service for free, but some functions will be limited.

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