2019 top binary options brokers list to get a clear idea with who to work and who to stay clear of

The high profitability offered by regulated binary options brokers in the short term is one of its great attractions. However, we must be aware that, given the high volatility of the market, negotiating with options also entails risks. In any case, with the proper training and good discipline you can obtain important benefits by operating with binary options. Of course, choosing the appropriate broker is also important to achieve success with our investments.

Below we leave you a list of regulated brokers to invest. They all are regulated by CySEC and other regulatory teams in accordance to the countries. Risk warning: “The product is difficult to understand, the CNMV has determined that it is not appropriate for retail investors due to its complexity and the high risk involved.”

IQ Option

  • Broker with free demo account
  • Minimum deposit of only €10
  • Regulated by Cysec license 247/14
  • Cryptocurrencies, Forex, CFD and ETF
  • New: FX Options (Available in Europe)


  • Free demo account with $10,000
  • Minimum deposit of only $5
  • Reliable and safe broker for deposits and withdrawals
  • Chosen as the safest by readers


  • Simulator without registration with $10K
  • Regulated and reliable broker
  • Minimum deposit of $50
  • Invest in Forex, CFD and cryptocurrencies

Regulated Forex, CFDs and Cryptocurrency Brokers



  • Broker regulated by CySEC license 207/13
  • Professional gestures
  • Free training courses and seminars
  • Invest in Forex, CDFs and Crypto


  • Accept Paypal for deposits and withdrawals
  • Forex broker, CFDs and options
  • Regulated by CySEC license 092/08
  • Minimum deposit of only € 100 $

Demo accounts, tools and bonuses

When we choose a broker, we have to keep in mind that demo accounts are a great advantage, especially in the first steps. Therefore, an interesting option is to choose a broker that has a free demo account. In addition to facilitate a little more the task each platform offers some tools to get to develop the best strategies.

The resources that a broker offers you can be very useful. Depending on the platform you will find access to market analysis, the economic calendar and other types of indicators. As for the operation itself, you will usually enjoy additional functions to make your investments much more profitable.

Not all brokers are equal, but a priori some characteristics that usually have in common are the options to manipulate the duration of operations. Depending on the site you can use functions to extend the term of an investment or expire in advance its duration, either to collect specific benefits or to minimize possible losses.

And of course, the bonuses that they can offer are always welcome since they are the ones that will make you fatten the money of your deposits. In addition to the welcome bonuses, you can also enjoy other bonuses over time such as fidelity bonuses. In case of certain brokers you will also find advantages and special privileges according to which investors, and you can enjoy an account adapted to your needs if you opt for a platform that includes different memberships instead of the classic standard. The information is power so I invite you to read the reviews about the different brokers, such as those that offer “60 seconds” and choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

Regulated brokers and how to choose them

There are many brokers distributed over the Internet but it is always advisable to choose one that is properly regulated.

The accredited Forex firms are usually associated with financial institutions and are registered with the corresponding administrative bodies. In Spain, the body responsible for the regulation of these binary options brokers is the CNMV (National Securities Market Commission). Next, I would like to give some tips to consider before choosing a broker from any European, Asian, or South American country. Not only should you look at the one that best suits your possibilities, by following the following tips you will also avoid possible disappointments and obtain better results.

One of the main reasons is the possibility of earning money and by choosing the broker know in advance what you can get to win with the percentages of return they offer you. You must not accept to enter a broker that does not reach at least 60% return, otherwise investments could hardly be profitable. The higher the percentage, the greater the amount of profit you can acquire on the platform in question, do not forget it.

Sometimes our investments are not always successful for different reasons and while we can lose some of our investment many are the best brokers that offer a return percentage even having finished with negative results. Without a doubt, you should be guided through the places where they offer you this type of return, since at least if you do not succeed in your forecast, you will not be losing everything you have invested and you will always recover a part.

Also, I advise you to keep an eye on the commissions that these brokers may charge you for your movements and not accept expensive services since most are free or at least with very low prices. Before investing we must always carry out a preliminary study of the possibilities of the assets that we have at our disposal and what better than having a large amount and with it many more possibilities. A more amounts of assets more chances to find the perfect to make money.

Finally before betting on a platform, find out what security measures and guarantees it offers since, unfortunately, this type of platform is used with a good purpose. Do not forget to see the availability of the user service that offers you with the schedules, contact forms and of course the language.

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